Cancer and pregnancy awareness week

Finding out you have cancer is difficult and upsetting at any time. But when you are pregnant, it can be frightening and confusing. There is lots of help and support for you. For Cancer and pregnancy awareness week, we are taking a look at where you can find information and support.

Kimberley's story - "I was 22 weeks pregnant when I was diagnosed with cancer."


"When they said 'you have cancer,' I just grabbed my bump and in tears cried 'Oh my god, I’m pregnant too.'" 

Kimberley was diagnosed with tonsil cancer in 2015, while pregnant with her second child. 

You can read about Kimberley's experience in her own words.

Information about cancer and pregnancy

Getting a cancer diagnosis during pregnancy may feel overwhelming. You will probably have lots of questions and concerns. We have information about pregnancy and cancer that you might find helpful. Remember, you can also talk to your cancer doctor or nurse. They will help you to understand more about your individual situation.

Where to find support

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Speaking to others who understand

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Getting practical support with daily life

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Where to get more help

How you can help

If you want to support Cancer and pregnancy awareness week, there are ways to get involved.
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Volunteer for us
There are so many ways to volunteer for Macmillan. Find opportunities that suit you.
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Donate or fundraise
By donating or fundraising for us, you help us be there for people living with cancer.