Teenagers and young adults affected by cancer

Whether you're a young person with cancer, or you're looking after someone else with cancer, find the help and support you need.

This page has information for: 

  1. Young people with cancer
  2. Young carers

1. Information for young people with cancer

Amrik's story


"I’d just turned 18. All of a sudden I was being rushed from hospital room to hospital room.

I had quite a lot of anger. And I was in disbelief as well.


My parents being around every day was important. The best thing was when my friend surprised me by coming back from uni for a visit. He didn’t have to say much; it was just him talking about normal stuff that kept me going."

Amrik, a young person diagnosed with cancer, sits on the kitchen counter in his home
Amrik, a young person diagnosed with cancer, sits on the kitchen counter in his home

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Amy's story

"My life changed so suddenly. My dad had been the one who’d cared for me, bought my clothes for school, did the washing and cooked my dinner. No-one else offered to step up and care for him, so it was up to me.

I've always thought that carers aren't recognised for just how much we really do. It is undeniably a 24-hour job, and the pressure is very real, especially if you're caring for someone close to you. Carers need care too."

Getting support as a young carer

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"I used the community to vent my worries to others who’d been in my situation. People were so kind on there" - Sarah