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The impact of leaving a gift in your Will

Find out how Gifts in Wills have a huge impact and help Macmillan to offer vital services to people living with cancer.

How we spend gifts left in wills

In 2020 supporters raised a total of £193.5 million for Macmillan, £71.8 million of that was made possible through gifts in wills. We spent £147.8 million on services for people affected by cancer. .

A pie chart divided into sections showing how we raised £193.5million in 2020. The sections include (clockwise from top left): Grant income, Trading activities, Gifts in Wills and Donation income).
Image: How we raised our money in 2020

High impact support

4.2 million people were supported with vital emotional, practical and financial support on our website.

£12.5 million was set aside for our Coronavirus Response Fund.

Over £278 million in financial gains were identified for people living with cancer, including Macmillan Grants and state benefits that people were entitled to.

365 days a year - we ran the Macmillan Support Line every single day of 2020 to be there when people needed us most.

Reasons to include Macmillan in your will

When we look back over our lives, we think about the things that matter most to us; our family, our friends and our community. By choosing to leave a gift to Macmillan in your will, you'll make a difference to the lives of those that need it the most as well as your loved ones after you've gone.

You may have been affected by cancer yourself, cared for a loved one with cancer or have friends or family that have been affected by a diagnosis. Whatever your connection, you'll know how much it can turn someone's world upside down.

With more and more people living with cancer each year, your gift will be needed more than ever. The number of people living with cancer is increasing by 3.2% every year and an estimated 4 million people are expected to be living with the disease by 2030. As the number of people diagnosed increases, so does the need for our services.

A gift in your will could help ensure that we can continue to be there to meet this future need. After looking after friends and family, whether it's a percentage of your estate or a fixed amount, your help means we can be there with the clinical, financial and emotional support that's so incredibly important when you're living with cancer.

A Lasting Legacy

When William Macmillan died of cancer in 1911, his son Douglas Macmillan wanted to do something to help others affected by cancer. His father had given him £10 just before he died and it was with this money that he set up the charity that would later be known as Macmillan Cancer Support. This one single and very special gift was the seed that was needed to grow Macmillan to a charity that now helps over 6.7 million people affected by cancer each year.