A young person is standing in a drive way. They have set up a cake selling booth on different tables. The young person is wearing a green Macmillan t-shirt. They are cutting a slice of cake. The tables have different cakes and other treats for sale.

How to host a Coffee Morning

Whether you're hosting at home, at work, at school, or in your local community, we have all the tips and tricks to get you started.

Your Coffee Morning, Your Way

Host your Coffee Morning in 5 easy steps

Three people are standing together and talking in a kitchen at home. The person on the left is wearing a blue patterned top. The person in the middle is wearing a white and yellow dress and a pink headdress. the person on the right is wearing a green top. The person on the left and right are holding plates with food on them.

1. Sign up as a host

A person is sitting down and leaning on a table. They have a raffle ticket book and a pen in their hands. A person is leaning over and speaking to them. The table has a white table cloth on it and a raffle basket with different goods in it like wine and crisps.

2. Plan your event

Three dogs are sitting behind a wood table. They are all wearing Macmillan branded bandanas. The table has orange coffee mugs on it. There is also a dog shaped biscuit on a small plate on the table.

3. Unleash your creativity

Two people are standing and smiling at the camera whilst clinking their white coffee cups together. The person on the left has long blonde hair and is wearing a white top and orange trousers. The person on the right has short hair and is wearing a black vest and blue jeans. Behind them is a balloon arch shaped like the letter M.

4. The big day

A person with long dark hair is laughing. They are holding a treat in one hand and a plate with a fork in the other. Behind them is another person with short hair who is also laughing and holding food and a plate. They appear to be inside.

5. Donate and celebrate

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What date is Macmillan's Coffee Morning this year?
    The official date for Coffee Morning 2024 is Friday 27 September, but you can host your event whenever suits you best.
  • Can I host a Coffee Morning in another country?

    Of course! Please note we can’t send postal kits overseas. However, you can find lots of fundraising resources that are free to download on our website to help with your planning and fundraising.

  • How do I attend as a guest?

    Look out for public Coffee Mornings being promoted in your local area and on social media. If someone's put up a poster, they definitely want to see you there. So go along, have fun and help your host raise as much money as possible to support people living with cancer.

    There are lots of ways to donate to a Coffee Morning. All our hosts will have an online Coffee Morning fundraising page and a QR code that you can scan to make a donation at the event using your mobile phone. You can also text to donate or make sure you have some money ready to pop in a donation box.

    If you can’t find an event, why not host your own? It's a great way to get people together and we’ll send you everything you need in our free fundraising kit.

  • How do you receive the donations given on my fundraising page?

    Donations received through your Coffee Morning fundraising page are automatically sent to us. PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay etc may be subject to charges.

    Everything you need to know about using your fundraising page can be found in our fundraising page guide.

  • Can I ask my guests to donate by text?

    If your guests would like to donate by text, they can use the generic donate code found on the money box in your fundraising pack. However, we are unable to allocate money donated by text to your Coffee Morning total and your guests cannot choose the amount they would like to donate.

    We suggest you encourage guests to use your QR codes from your fundraising pack instead. That way, your guests can donate directly to you, and they can choose the amount they would like to donate.

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