A person in a pink headscarf is placing Macmillan branded bunting up in a hallway in their home. To their left is a person holding a tin foil wrapped dish. There is also other people in the photo including a young person in a green outfit and an older person wearing a denim skit and pink top.

Coffee Morning fundraising kits

Whether you are hosting for the first time or have held many Coffee Mornings, we have two different kit options to help you get Coffee Morning ready.

What is a Coffee Morning fundraising kit?

Fundraising kit options

Full kit

If you're hosting your very first Coffee Morning, you might want to choose this one.
The graphic shows all the items that are available in the Coffee Morning full fundraising kit.

The full fundraising kit contains:

  • A welcome letter with 3 Bank Giro Credit (paying-in) slips
  • A freepost return envelope
  • Posters, invites, a tablecloth, balloons, bunting and tablecloth
  • Food label cards and cake flags
  • Leaflet from our sponsor
  • A sticker sheet with your unique fundraising page QR codes
  • A fundraising game poster
  • Large moneybox.

Lite kit

If you have decorations stashed away from a previous Coffee Morning or want to help the environment, you may want to choose this one.
The graphic shows the what is included in the Coffee Morning fundraising lite kit.

The lite fundraising kit contains:

  • A welcome letter with 2 Bank Giro credit (paying-in) slips
  • A freepost return envelope
  • Poster and invites
  • Food label cards
  • Leaflet from our sponsor
  • A sticker sheet with your unique fundraising page QR codes
  • Fundraising game poster
  • A moneybox.

More resources for your Coffee Morning

A bunch of balloons on a light green background. Each is a different shade of green or white.

Order extra kit items

Green bunting on a light green background.

Free fundraising resources

Two dark green party poppers on a light green background.

Visit the Coffee Morning shop

Frequently asked questions

  • When do I need to order my Coffee Morning fundraising kit by?

    Once you have signed up to hold a Coffee Morning, we’ll send you your fundraising kit. You can host your event whenever suits you, but it can take up to 14 days from registration for your kit to arrive, so make sure you order it in time.

    If you sign up very close to your event date, you can find lots of online resources on our website to help with your planning and fundraising.

  • Is my fundraising kit recyclable? 

    We’ve worked really hard to make sure that our kit is as responsible to the environment as possible.

    We’re proud to say that all the items in this kit are printed on sustainable materials. Items (including our table cloth) are made from 100% recycled materials and can be widely recycled depending on your local authority services. The balloons are 100% biodegradable too.

    When you sign up, we’ll give you the option to choose our full kit with bunting, balloons and a tablecloth, or our lighter kit with less paper and no plastic.

  • Where can I find extra posters and invitations?

    You can download extra posters and invitations from our fundraising resources page. You can also find a range of other downloads, everything from DIY bunting to "Coffee Morning this way" signs.

  • What Coffee Morning items can I get in the Macmillan online shop?

    We have all the essentials to make hosting a piece of cake. There are Coffee Morning aprons, mugs, napkins, decorations and much more. Visit the Macmillan online shop to check it out for yourself.