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Host a Coffee Morning in your community

Hosting a Coffee Morning is a great way to bring your community together to enjoy delicious treats while supporting people living with cancer.

Your community, your Coffee Morning

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Join thousands of community groups and organisations across the UK that are hosting Coffee Mornings and making a huge difference in the lives of people affected by cancer.

Your Coffee Morning can be hosted anytime, anywhere, in any way you like. You could host a Coffee Morning at your place of worship, or with a sports club, knitting group, book club or other social group you are part of.

It’s a great event for guides and scouts to get involved with, and a brilliant way to bring together the community in which you live, in a village hall or community centre.

Wherever you host your Coffee Morning, you will be making a real difference to the lives of people living with cancer.

The official day of Coffee Morning in 2024 is Friday 27 September, but you can host yours whenever is best for you and your community.

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Host a Coffee Morning

Fill in our registration form to host a Coffee Morning and we'll send you a fundraising kit with top tips and everything you need to get started.

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Why host a Coffee Morning in your community?

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It's a great event for the social calendar

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Share delicious food and drink

Hands holding a mug

Support people living with cancer

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Bring on the fun

Get people talking about Coffee Morning

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Once you have signed up, it's time to tell everyone about your Coffee Morning. You can use our downloadable invites and posters, available in the resources section. Or share the details of your Coffee Morning in your newsletter and social media channels to let everyone know when it's happening.

Don't forget to share your fundraising page with everyone ahead of time too so that people who can't make it can still donate. Details of your fundraising page can be found in your welcome email and your fundraising kit.

Decorate your venue

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When you sign up to host a Coffee Morning, we'll send you a fundraising kit which has everything you need.

If you have hosted before, you may already have a tablecloth, bunting and other items, so a lite kit with less printed materials and no plastic may suit you.

If not, sign up for a full kit and you will receive bunting, balloons, and a tablecloth to decorate your Coffee Morning on the big day.

If you’re planning a big community event you can download fundraising resources for your Coffee Morning to help promote your event and use on the day.

There is also a great range of Coffee Morning products in the Coffee Morning shop. Or you can order extra kit items if you need them.

Bring Baraka to your Coffee Morning

A headshot of Baraka Khan from the shoulders up. She is wearing a teal knitted top and a patterned head scarf. She is smiling. Behind her is a burnt orange curtain as a backdrop.
Pictured: Baraka Khan

The Baraka Khan Foundation was created in 2016 in loving memory of Baraka, who died of lung cancer at the age of 24.

On the day of her diagnosis, Baraka was supported by a Macmillan nurse who was on hand for emotional support. She also accessed our specialist information and support during her treatment.

Baraka was passionate about many causes close to her heart, including Macmillan, and raised nearly £750,000 in her lifetime.

Her friends and family continue this incredible legacy, supporting Macmillan in multiple ways, including encouraging the hosting of large Coffee Morning events in over 35 mosques in the UK.

Baraka means 'blessings' in Arabic, and they therefore named their Coffee Morning events, 'Bring Baraka to your Coffee Morning', in her honour.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I invite people to my Coffee Morning?

    There are many ways to invite your guests, here are a few ideas to get you started:

    • Set up a Facebook event.
    • Put up our event poster and send out invitations. Visit our fundraising resources page to view our Coffee Morning themed ones. You'll also find these in your fundraising kit.
    • Set up a WhatsApp or Facebook group.
    • Send an email to your colleagues, customers and clients.

    You can share your personal Coffee Morning fundraising page at the same time - it's a great way for people to donate if they can't come along on the day.

  • How can I raise money at my Coffee Morning?

    Once you sign up, we'll send you your free fundraising kit which is full of ideas to help make your event a success. We've also included a fundraising game and a Gift Aid sheet in your kit to help you raise even more money at your Coffee Morning.

    We will also send you a link to your own online Coffee Morning fundraising page. Personalise your page, then share it to spread the word far and wide.

    You can also use the QR code stickers in your pack for people to scan and donate to your Coffee Morning on the day. Your QR code will also be emailed to you, so you will be able to share that too.

    Don’t be afraid to think outside the box! There are tons of other ideas to help you to raise a little extra money at your event. Why not get your guests involved with a fun sweepstake? For example, how many hundreds and thousands are on the cake?

    You could ask your guests to make a donation when they guess. If you need a little more inspiration, you can find tips, recipes and ideas in your fundraising kit and on our website too.

  • How do I pay in the money I've raised?

    You can pay in your Coffee Morning money:

    • Online
    • Over the phone at 0330 102 7890
    • At a branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland, NatWest, or Ulster Bank, using your unique paying-in slip included in your fundraising kit
    • At any Post Office branch by taking in your money along with your unique paying-in slip from your Coffee Morning kit.
  • Where do I send my Gift Aid form and my cheque to?

    Please use the freepost envelope in your fundraising kit to send us your cheques and Gift Aid form, once it’s filled in with all the details.

    Cheques should be made payable to Macmillan Cancer Support (please do not send cash) and don’t forget to include your name and address so we can make sure the money goes to your Coffee Morning total.

    If you do not have your freepost envelope, please send your cheques and Gift Aid forms to:

    Freepost RTLS-JTZR-RYAZ
    Macmillan Coffee Morning
    PO BOX 4240
    RG42 9QL

Other ways to host a Coffee Morning

Your Coffee Morning can be hosted anytime, anywhere, in any way you like. Check out our tips about different places where you could host a Coffee Morning.
A dark green armchair on a light green background.
At home

A Coffee Morning at home is a great way to bring your friends, family and neighbours together in support of people living with cancer.

A dark green stationary pot on a light green background.
At school

Gather the teachers, students, parents and carers together for a Coffee Morning at your school. We have tips to help you engage your students and educate them about cancer.

Two dark green mugs on a light green background.
At work

Wherever you work, you can host a Coffee Morning with your colleagues, suppliers and clients. It's a great way to celebrate your existing customers and meet new ones.