Lung Cancer Awareness Month

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

Find out more about signs and symptoms, and where you can find information and support. You can also find out how you can make a difference this Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

About lung cancer

"My whole world fell apart." Lloyd's story 

Support for people affected by lung cancer

A man and woman stand talking. He has short hair and a beard and is wearing a green jumper and chinos. The woman has short hair and is wearing a green shirt and black trousers. They are leaning against a window sill with windows that are open on a sunny day.

Macmillan Support Line

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Online Community

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Other ways we can support you

More information resources about lung cancer

Fundraise for people living with cancer

Would you like to raise money to help people affected by cancer? Here are some ideas to get you started.
Two women in Macmillan t-shirts holding a dog
Dog Jog

Take on the Dog Jog for Macmillan Cancer Support! Get fit and have fun with your four-legged friend. Do whichever distance you like, whether that’s 5K or more!

A woman with green hair collecting money for Macmillan on the street
Tips for asking for donations

Telling people about your fundraising and asking for donations can feel awkward. Check out our advice that will hopefully make that initial ask feel a bit more comfortable.

A woman crouching down tying the laces on her bright orange trainers
Running training plans

Whatever distance you're running, we have training plans to help you get ready for your event.