A photo of Errol who was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2010. He is sat down on a staircase and appears to be in a car garage.

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

March is prostate cancer awareness month. In the UK, about 1 in 8 men are diagnosed with it each year. For Black men the rate is 1 in 4. If you are a trans woman or are non-binary assigned male at birth, you also need to be aware of prostate cancer and its symptoms.

About prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a common cancer, and starts in the cells of the prostate


The prostate is a small gland that is just below the bladder and in front of the rectum (back passage).


Types of prostate cancer

There are a number of different types of prostate cancer:

In addition, the doctor will give your prostate cancer a stage, a grade and a risk group to help decide on the best treatment for you. Learn more about the staging and grading of prostate cancer.



Prostate cancer symptoms

You may not experience any symptoms in the early stage of prostate cancer. It is only when the cancer is large enough to press on the tube that carries the urine from the bladder (urethra) that symptoms can occur.


These can include:

  • needing to pee more often than usual, especially at night
  • difficulty peeing – for example, a weak flow or having to strain to start peeing
  • feeling like you have not completely emptied your bladder

Sometimes the symptoms of benign (non-cancerous) prostate conditions and prostate cancer are similar. If you have any prostate cancer symptoms, it is important to have them checked by your doctor. 


Your GP can do tests to find out if you need a referral to a specialist doctor.


Listen to the Testing for Prostate Cancer Audiobook


"Men are particularly bad at asking for support when faced with an operation on their prostate and the after effects" - Errol

Living with prostate cancer - Errol shares his story

Raising awareness within the Black community - Paul shares his story

Risk factors of prostate cancer

Support for people with prostate cancer

Macmillan is here to support you through prostate cancer from diagnosis.

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