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The Macmillan Chat Service offers confidential support to people living with cancer and their loved ones. If you need to talk, we’ll listen.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Macmillan’s priority is the health and well-being of people with cancer, Macmillan professionals, our staff, supporters and volunteers

Like everyone, we are working out what these new and difficult circumstances mean for us as we know that our services supporting people with cancer will be needed even more than ever.

We are doing everything we can to make sure our support line continues to be available for much needed clinical, financial and emotional support during this difficult time but there may be some disruption so please bear with us while we work through this.

We are still available by chat and phone 7 days a week, 8am-8pm.

Our online community continues to provide invaluable emotional and peer support and here are some links to information on our website that you may find useful:

  • Cancer and coronavirus - We are keeping our website up-to-date with the latest information about cancer and coronavirus.
  • Cancer types A-Z - Find out about the different types of cancer, including risk factors, symptoms, tests and treatment.
  • Diagnosis - We have information about the different tests and scans that you might have if you’re worried about cancer. We also have help, practical advice and information to help you understand your diagnosis.
  • Treatment - We know that starting treatment for cancer isn’t easy. To help you prepare, we have information about the different types of treatment, what to expect, the options available to you and how to cope.
  • Supporting someone with cancer - If your partner, family member, friend or colleague has cancer, there can be a lot to think about. You might be a carer, or just want to help. We have information to help you with the practical, emotional and financial impacts of supporting someone with cancer.

When should I use Macmillan online chat?

Talking about cancer can be tough. Our cancer information and support specialists offer a listening ear. We can talk about whatever matters to you. We can also offer guidance and help you find the right information and support in your area.

If you need to talk, we’ll listen.


In this video: Maria, a Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Officer, discusses the type of support the Macmillan Support Line can offer by phone, chat and email.

How do I use chat

When chat is open you will see a 'Chat to us' icon at the bottom right of your screen. Click this to start the service.

You will be asked a couple of basic questions like your name and email address and you can choose what you want to talk about. This helps us get the right person on the chat for you.

Normally you will receive a response in under ten minutes.

Our chat service is open 8am to 8pm seven days a week. Please note the opening times may vary by service.

Specialist support by chat

As well as emotional support we provide specialist services to help you. 

Our chat service is open 8am to 8pm seven days a week. Please note the opening times may vary by service.

Normally you will receive a response in under ten minutes.

  • Welfare rights advice - our welfare rights advisers can tell you about benefits and other financial support.
  • Energy advice - we have energy advisers who can help you reduce the costs of your heating and electricity.
  • Financial guidance - our financial guides are experts in helping to reduce the financial impact of cancer. (8am - 6pm Mon-Fri)
  • Cancer information nurse specialist - our experienced cancer nurses can talk you through information about your diagnosis and treatment.
  • Work support service - our dedicated work support specialists help you to understand your rights at work.
  • Macmillan Grants - we can also give you information about Macmillan Grants.

Our trained cancer information advisors provide a listening ear and point you in the right direction, so you can seek further support. 

Conditions of use

Before you start your live chat, we will ask for some quick details from you. By using this service you are agreeing to share your information with us. We promise to keep your details safe. For more information about how we handle your personal data please read our privacy policy.