Understanding melanoma

Information and support for people affected by melanoma.

  • Cancer and cell types

    Cancers are grouped into types. Types of cancer often behave and respond to treatments in different ways.

  • How is it treated?

    There are five main types of cancer treatment. You may receive one, or a combination of treatments, depending on your cancer type.

  • The skin

    The skin is divided into two main layers - the outer layer (epidermis), and a layer underneath (dermis).

  • What is melanoma?

    Melanoma is a type of skin cancer. It develops from cells in the skin called melanocytes.

  • Types of melanoma

    There are four main types of melanoma that affect the skin.

  • Why do cancers come back?

    Sometimes, tiny cancer cells are left behind after cancer treatment. These can divide to form a new tumour.

  • Signs and symptoms of melanoma

    An ABCDE list helps you check changes to a mole or normal skin that might be melanoma.