The Welsh Cancer Intelligence and Surveillance Unit

The Welsh Cancer Intelligence & Surveillance Unit (WCISU) in Public Health Wales is the national cancer registry for Wales. Its primary role is to record, store and report on all incidence of cancer in the resident population of Wales. You can view the latest cancer statistics on the WCISU website.

WCISU also facilitates the planning of cancer services through the collection and analysis of cancer incidence, survival and mortality data.

In partnership

Macmillan Cancer Support and the Welsh Cancer Intelligence and Surveillance Unit are working in partnership to use available, high quality data to inform the development of services and support. Their work helps patients to achieve the best possible outcomes and experiences.

The partnership aims to:

  • Identify and access new data sources, improve the use of existing cancer data, and identify any gaps in cancer-specific and cancer-relevant data.
  • Link and analyse data on clinical outcomes and patient experience across primary, secondary and tertiary care, supporting the implementation of the Welsh Government’s Cancer Delivery Plan.
  • Influence the planning and delivery of cancer services in Wales by delivering relevant, timely and accessible outputs.

Learn more about the partnership by downloading the briefing paper [PDF].

The Macmillan-WCISU workplan

The partnership is currently working on the following projects between 2017 and 2019:

Landscaping paper

The paper provides insight into the unique characteristics of cancer data in Wales, highlighting any gaps in availability between Wales and other UK nations and informing opportunities for analysis considering the partnership’s objectives.

Understanding the local cancer population in Wales

The first phase of this project investigates the incidence and prevalence profile of people diagnosed with and living with cancer at GP Cluster level.

The result of this work is the GP Cluster Network Dashboard which can be accessed in English and Welsh.

The second phase will investigate the incidence of co-morbidities across the GP Clusters, including which are most common. This will help inform services about the intensity of need at the local level.

Routes to diagnosis

The partnership is using routine data to map patient pathways to diagnosis. It will also analyse the link between these diagnosis pathways and survival outcomes.

Local Cancer Intelligence Wales

The Macmillan Local Cancer Intelligence (LCI) tool will be developed for Wales over 2018, with WCISU providing much of the data.

The tool will have interactive, visual representations of key cancer indicators and statistics for Wales, aiming to make cancer statistics – incidence, prevalence and mortality – more accessible. The development of the site will be supported by user testing.

Want to find out more?

If you want to find out more about the partnership or would like to share your insights, please contact Adele Oddy, Macmillan Evidence Officer for Wales.