National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service: England

The Macmillan-NCRAS partnership

Public Health England’s National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS, formerly NCIN) works to drive improvements in standards of cancer care and clinical outcomes by improving and using the information collected about cancer patients for analysis, publication and research.

Macmillan Cancer Support and the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service are working in partnership to:

  • use data and information to push the boundaries of understanding of the whole cancer population, now and in the future, of the impact and costs of cancer and its treatment on patients, the wider community and the NHS
  • enable wider health and social care services to extend the usage of this information to improve the care, experience and outcomes for patients by designing, testing and implementing better models of delivery.

The Macmillan-NCRAS work plan

The objectives of the work plan are to:

  • Provide high quality information on health and its determinants to decision makers who can make changes to improve the lives of the cancer population.
  • Describe quantitatively the disease burden of cancer across the whole of the cancer pathway and to develop a strategic approach that will pave the way for large scale analysis across cancer types.
  • Identify key, and develop new, routine ‘cancer population statistics’.
  • Understand the needs of the cancer population, the health and social impacts of cancer (including cancer recurrence and metastatic disease) and the consequences of its treatment.
  • Understand the ‘cost of cancer’, understanding the cost of providing pathways and model the cost of optimal pathways of care.
  • Understand the linkages between clinical outcomes, patient experience and PROMs (patient reported outcome measures).
  • Scope data requirements for social care and identify potential sources for the development of these datasets (including the extent of provision and cost of providing social care).
  • Continue to develop relationships across UK nations and to access data and influence the range and depth of data collection and quality of recording, understanding what data is available and what the gaps are.

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Find out more about the partnership

If you want to find out more about the work plan or a specific project, or are working in a related area and would like to share your insights, please contact Rachel White, Senior Data Insight Analyst.