Support for primary care

Macmillan has produced a number of toolkits, guidance documents and online training modules to support GPs as they connect with cancer patients from early diagnosis through to after treatment, and at end-of-life. Supporting resources for people with cancer have also been developed to help effective signposting and to shape the future of primary care.

Early Diagnosis GP Contract Support

We have updated our 'Cancer screening' and 'Early cancer diagnosis quality improvement' modules to fully align with the QoF Quality Improvement Project for Early Cancer Diagnosis and the Primary Care Network Specification for Early Cancer Diagnosis. By completing the modules listed in this section, you will meet the criteria for both the QoF QI Project and the PCN DES. 

If you have any questions about these modules, please contact 


'Courageous Conversations' primary care training workshop

Courageous Conversations is a workshop designed to support primary care professionals to have conversations with people about cancer, from diagnosis to discussions at the end of life. 

There are many barriers to good communication. Our workshop resources encourage reflective practice and help you to consider barriers and facilitators to challenging conversations. They can help you to become aware of the need to listen to patients and give validation to people's feelings.

The resources are comprehensive and include video consultations, resources for facilitators and administrators, and scenarios for skills practice. They should be used as a full suite of interrelated resources and are not intended for separate use.

Video resources

These videos are intended as vehicles for learning and should not be interpreted as perfect examples of consultations. They may also contain potentially upsetting scenes.

Video scenarios

Supporting materials

Skills practice scenarios

Facilitator resources

Administrator resources


End of life care quality improvement resources

We have developed resources to help primary care professionals implement end of life care quality improvement projects, in response to the 2019/20 GP contract QOF changes.

These resources can be used at Practice or Network level and have been developed to meet the specifications set out for the 2019/20 QOF Quality Improvement Project.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Quality toolkit for cancer care in primary care 

This module builds upon our existing toolkit. It focuses on end of life care quality improvement in the context of the 2019/20 QOF contract.

End of life care Network guide

This guide draws insight from our work in end of life care, and the innovative work of Macmillan GPs. The guide provides Network Leads with an introduction to end of life care, resources to support you, and case studies of UK quality improvement initiatives.

Palliative care templates

  • EMIS Web template

We have worked with EMIS Health to develop an updated palliative care template, which enables you to code relevant information directly into the patient notes.

To access the template in EMIS Web, please follow this pathway:

EMIS Library > EMIS Protocols > Third Sector Partnerships > Macmillan/Cancer Support > Macmillan Cancer templates

  • SystmOne template

We have now built the updated palliative care template in TPP SystmOne. This template is available to all TPP users via the Resource Library.

To access the template, please follow this pathway:

System > Resource Library (keyword search is Macmillan)

Please ensure you do not replicate or republish this template as this makes it difficult for users to know which template is the standardised Macmillan version.

We are working with GP IT providers to replicate this template in other systems.

Palliative care searches

We have worked with EMIS Web to develop automated palliative care searches. These searches support the use of Module 4 of the Quality Toolkit and enable practices and Networks to gather a baseline of current activity. You can run these searches at the start of an end of life care quality improvement initiative, and can then re-run them after implementation, to demonstrate impact.

To access the searches in EMIS Web, please follow the pathway below:

Population Reporting > EMIS Library > SNOMED Searches > EMIS Clinical Utilities > Third Sector Partnerships > Macmillan Cancer Support > Quality tool kit > End of Life Care QI Searches

TPP SystmOne searches

To access the searches in TPP SystmOne, follow this pathway:

System > Resource Library (keyword search is Macmillan)

You can download an Access guide [PDF] for all of the templates and searches available within TPP SystmOne.

We would like to thank Greater Nottingham CCG for their support in developing and sharing this work.

We are working with GP IT providers to replicate these searches in other systems.


Patient resources

These are resources that you can highlight to your patients where appropriate. All of the below can be viewed online as a PDF, or ordered online for free from be.Macmillan. Additionally, you and your patients are able to make your own be.Macmillan accounts and search for any other resources you might need.