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Mac Update

Mac Update is a quarterly e-newsletter for health and social care professionals who may not work in a Macmillan post, but are interested in our work and services.

It contains the latest news, updates on information and support resources, and details of new initiatives and campaigns.

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If you're a Macmillan Professional, you'll already receive Mac Mail, which is very similar to this email but contains additional Macmillan-specific information.

Primary Care Update

Macmillan's Centre of Clinical Expertise produce a quarterly e-newsletter to inform GPs, primary care cancer leads and the wider primary care community.

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Inside Information

Inside Information is a quarterly e-newsletter to update about new information resources. It's for Macmillan Information and Support Professionals and anybody interested in our cancer information. Please email us to be added to the mailing list.

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Macmillan professionals

Macmillan Professionals receive a monthly Mac Mail e-newsletter detailing information and opportunities related to their role. If you're a Macmillan Professional and don't currently receive this, please contact us.