Quality improvement modules for primary care

As a GP, you will be involved in quality improvement activities for cancer. Our modules will help to support the delivery of the PCN DES and QOF requirements.

What are the Quality Improvement modules?

We have developed modules to support primary care teams to improve the quality of care they provide to people with cancer. The modules will also enable practices and primary care networks to deliver the requirements of the Primary Care Network Specifications and QoF Quality Improvement Projects (in England).

Early diagnosis and cancer screening

The early diagnosis and screening modules will help you:

  • identify patients at risk of cancer
  • increase uptake of cancer screening
  • improve referral practice.

Download our modules for early diagnosis and cancer screening.

We have also created a mini-series of short videos, featuring CRUK GPs and Macmillan GPs sharing their tips and advice for delivery of the PCN DES specification for early cancer diagnosis. Visit our page: Understanding the early cancer diagnosis PCN DES.

End of life

The end of life care module will help you:

  • identify and support patients at end of life
  • plan and coordinate care based on their needs
  • support their family and caregivers.

Access the end of life care module.

Personalised cancer care

The personalised cancer care module will help you:

  • identify and address a patient's needs and concerns
  • provide a person-centred and holistic approach to care
  • access and perform Cancer Care Reviews.

Download our personalised cancer care module.

Quality improvement in Scotland

With the removal of the QoF from the GP contract in Scotland, we have developed a specific QI toolkit and guidance for primary care teams in Scotland.