Electronic safety netting toolkit

The electronic safety netting toolkit supports GPs to follow-up with patients undergoing investigations for cancer. Find out how it works and how to access it.

What is the electronic safety netting toolkit?

The North Central London Cancer Alliance (formerly UCLH Cancer Collaborative) has developed an electronic toolkit to support GPs with safety netting in various cancer-related clinical situations.

The toolkit gives GP practices a template that schedules diary reminders in their system to remind and alert practice staff to follow up with patients at a later date.

In June 2018, the toolkit was made nationally available on EMIS Web. This means any GP practice using EMIS Web can access the toolkit.

We have more information about how to use and access the toolkit below.

How to use the toolkit in general practice

The electronic safety netting toolkit is available to all practices using EMIS Web.

A video user guide has been developed to support GPs to implement the toolkit.

Additional resources to support this tool include:

Coding and safety netting e-learning for GPs

Central to effective safety netting is the high-quality coding of patient information.

We have developed an e-learning course for GPs, which includes best practice for coding and webinars to support the use of the toolkit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How was the toolkit developed?

The toolkit concept was conceived through a collaboration between the UCLH Cancer Collaborative and the Transforming Cancer Services Team for London (TCST).

Since its inception, this work has been supported by Macmillan to encourage support the sharing of best practice with regards to for electronic safety netting.

The toolkit underwent a feasibility trial and several improvement cycles conducted by the North Central London Cancer Alliance (formerly UCLH Cancer Collaborative and then NCEL Cancer Alliance) to reach its final comprehensive version.

Where can I learn more about safety netting?

We have more information about safety netting in primary care consultations.

You can also access our prevention and diagnosis resources for healthcare professionals.

If you would like more information or help to use this toolkit, please email us at macdocs@macmillan.org.uk.