Find out about different treatments for primary liver cancer, and get help with treatment decisions you might need to make.

  • Decisions about treatment

    Your doctors may tell you there are different options for your treatment. Having the right information will help you make the right decision for you.

  • Targeted (biological) therapies for primary liver cancer

    Sorafenib (Nexavar®) a targeted therapy drug may be used to treat people with primary liver cancer that is advanced.

  • Surgery

    Surgery involves removing all or part of the cancer with an operation. It is an important treatment for many cancers.

  • Tumour ablation

    Tumour ablation is when the tumour is destroyed by applying heat or alcohol directly to it.

  • Embolisation treatments

    Embolisation is when substances are injected into blood vessels to block the blood flow to the cancer cells.

  • Chemotherapy

    Chemotherapy uses drugs to treat many different types of cancer. It is most commonly given as an injection into a vein or as tablets or capsules.

  • Radiotherapy for primary liver cancer

    Radiotherapy is sometimes used to treat primary liver cancer (HCC).

  • Clinical trials

    Many people are offered a trial as part of treatment. Find out more to help you decide if a trial is right for you.

  • Life after cancer treatment

    You might be thinking about how to get back to normal following treatment. Find advice, information and support about coping with and after cancer.