Child-Pugh score

If you have liver cancer, the Child-Pugh classification system assesses how well your liver is working.

If you have liver cancer, doctors will assess how well your liver is working using the Child-Pugh classification system. It gives a score from A to C:

  • A means the liver is working well.
  • C means it is very damaged and is not working well.

Child-Pugh looks at:

  • the level of bilirubin (a waste product of old red blood cells) in the blood
  • the level of albumin (blood protein) in the blood
  • how quickly your blood clots (prothrombin time)
  • whether there is any build-up of fluid in the tummy (ascites)
  • whether liver damage is affecting how the brain is working (encephalopathy).

The results help doctors decide which treatments are best for your situation. Having certain treatments will depend on how well the liver is able to cope. They will also look at the stage of the cancer when planning your treatment.