The Douglas Macmillan Award

For promoting Macmillan and having a significant impact.

About this award

Did you know that our founder Douglas Macmillan was also a volunteer? He wanted everyone with cancer to receive information and advice, housing at low or no cost, and care from voluntary nurses in their own homes. Douglas’ legacy lives on in the work we do today, together with our huge network of volunteers.

The Douglas Macmillan Award is for an individual or group that:

  • acts as an ambassador and commits to making sure everyone knows about Macmillan
  • uses their influence to make a significant impact in their local area – for example through fundraising or through changing the way a service or system is run
  • engages with their community by informing others about Macmillan through promoting services, pushing for improvements in cancer care or winning corporate support
  • raises the profile of Macmillan – for example, through networking, media coverage or social media.

Wayne Griffiths, 2018 UK winner

After losing his daughter to cervical cancer in 2012, Wayne has channeled his impressive public speaking skills and engaging personality into raising Macmillan’s profile, advocating for Macmillan’s volunteers and drumming up support for our fundraising events. 

He has shared his experiences in numerous ways from recording a video for Macmillan to appearing on television as a spokesperson. 

Wayne also chairs the Welsh Volunteer Forum, sits on the UK Volunteer Forum and planned and hosted both the national Macmillan Volunteer Conference and a Welsh Thank You event. Wayne thrives on being part of the Macmillan family, and we are extremely lucky to have him as an ambassador.

For any further queries, please contact our Volunteering team at or on 020 7840 4644.