Corporate Volunteer of the Year Award winner 2020

Published: 02 February 2022


A photograph of Macmillan's Corporate Volunteer Award winner 2020, Louise Swann.  
The Corporate Volunteer of the Year Award recognises those who have gone above and beyond their role. The 2020 winner of the Corporate Volunteer of the Year Award was Louise Swann, a Boots Macmillan Beauty Adviser (BMBA).


'Louise has made a profound impact on people living with cancer'

Louise Swann

Louise has been a Boots Macmillan Beauty Advisor (BMBA) since 2015.

She recently became a No7 Trainer and is the perfect person to inspire a new generation of BMBAs - volunteers who have had bespoke Macmillan training, making them available to support people living with cancer through providing free, face-to-face beauty advice.

Louise encourages her trainees to not just limit themselves to the stores in which they work, but to also build links with their local community at the earliest opportunity, to bring the BMBA service to Macmillan Information and Support Centres around the UK, to be able to reach and support even more people living with cancer.

She also volunteers at York hospital, running monthly pamper sessions on the ward in the evenings for people living with cancer.

Louise has recently become the face of Boots Macmillan brand. Louise has had a profound impact on people living with cancer, by making a real difference to the way they feel about themselves.

We couldn't achieve what we achieve without corporate volunteers like Louise, who uses everything she has to champion Macmillan in every way she can.

'she also volunteers at york hospital, running monthly pamper sessions'

The Corporate Volunteer of the Year Award

This award is for an individual or group that:

  • is employed by one of Macmillan’s current corporate partners, but not specifically to support Macmillan
  • demonstrates a can-do attitude and volunteers with enthusiasm and passion
  • goes above and beyond the partnership plans by showing innovation, collaboration and drive
  • shows greater commitment than other colleagues or groups by championing Macmillan, encouraging other colleagues to get involved, and being seen as the face of Macmillan within their organisation.

'demonstrates a can-do attitude'

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