Vicky Clement-Jones Award winners 2020

Published: 02 February 2022
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The Vicky Clement-Jones Award celebrates individuals who have used their personal cancer experience to support others. This year's award goes to our Community Champion Volunteers.

'They dedicate time, every day, to support and empower others.'

Community Champion Volunteers

On Macmillan’s Online Community, we’re supported by 27 Community Champion volunteers.

Each of them has a personal cancer experience and initially came to the Community for support themselves, either with a cancer diagnosis or through looking after someone who had received one.

They dedicate their time every day to support and empower others who’re affected by cancer, using their own experiences to empower shy or new members to take their well-being into their own hands. They do this by demonstrating the first-hand benefits and power of peer support.

Between them, they look after 70+ different groups and support our 175,000 registered members.

Here are just some of the comments from people they’ve helped:

  • ‘You responded to a post I put up about the impact on my life. Your insight was inspiring!’
  • ‘I am so grateful to know that I’m no longer alone and that kind people like yourself are willing to support others while living through the same difficulties.’
  • ‘I wanted to say a big thank you to Sarah and Nikki for supporting others going through the same treatment. They are always there with their encouragement and understanding.'

The Online Community would not be the success it is without the Champions.

Our Champs are selfless and inspirational and we truly believe they deserve the recognition of this award on a national level.

"I'm so grateful to know that I am no longer alone - Community member."

The Vicky Clement-Jones Award

Vicky Clement-Jones was given just three months to live after being diagnosed with inoperable ovarian cancer. In fact, she went on to survive for five years – long enough to establish Cancerbackup in 1985 and ensure its success. Macmillan and Cancer backup merged in 2008 to provide the best cancer information for everyone.

  • The Vicky Clement-Jones Award is for an individual or group that:
  • uses their own cancer experiences to influence others
  • applies insight from their own cancer experiences to improve the lives of other people affected by cancer
  • demonstrates the impact that their role makes to other people affected by cancer.

'The Online Community would not be the success it is without the Champions.'