With Strength Award winner 2024

Published: 22 May 2024
David Peake is the winner of the With Strength Award at the Thanks to You Awards 2024. 

‘The camaraderie is wonderful, and I feel fully accepted by my colleagues'

David is seen from the chest up. He is wearing a green Macmillan branded top and a white hat. The white hat has different pins and badges on it. He appears to be outside.

With a career background in writing funding bids for charities, David realised that he could use his skills and expertise to support Macmillan. In 2022 he began volunteering with Macmillan's Philanthropy Team for one day a week from home, leveraging his background in the charity sector to bolster fundraising efforts. His meticulous research and strategic insights have been instrumental in growing Macmillan's donor base, identifying new funding opportunities and raising over £60,000 through mailing programmes. 

‘I’ve really enjoyed volunteering for the team,’ says David. ‘The camaraderie is wonderful, and I feel fully accepted by my colleagues. I'm one of them and we’re all working towards the same goal.’ 

David's influence at Macmillan extends way beyond his efforts with the Philanthropy Team. Last August he generously shared his story at a Macmillan staff event, where he spoke passionately about his love for volunteering, and he inspired everyone in attendance. On top of this, David also completed a Mighty Hike with his daughter and his cocker spaniel Ellie last year and raised £1,400 for Macmillan. A Mighty Hike is a daunting challenge for anyone to take on at the best of times, but it was a particularly remarkable achievement for David who was undergoing treatment at the time.  

Despite his health deteriorating, David continues to selflessly dedicate his remaining time to Macmillan. 

‘This year I’m not well enough to take part in a Mighty Hike, but I’m still volunteering with the Philanthropy Team. I’m also going to hold a tabletop sale at an event for Macmillan that’s being held at a local hotel,’ he says. 

‘My consultant told me recently that they can’t offer me any more chemotherapy treatment. Nevertheless, I'm a very, very positive person. Volunteering is a big part of that, because when you volunteer you know you’re doing something to help other people who need it. It's so easy to be negative about cancer and you can go into a downward spiral, but I try to stay very positive about my condition. I take every day as it comes and try to enjoy myself to the maximum.’ 

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