Top tips to make your JustGiving page work harder

  • Pages with targets receive on average 40% more than those without one. Set your target and keep increasing it to encourage more donations.
  • Make sure your first donation is a big one and others are likely to follow suit.
  • Ask for sponsorship just after payday when everyone is feeling a bit more flush.
  • Let everyone on Facebook know. Update your Facebook status by adding your JustGiving page web address and a few words about the event you are doing. This will then show up on all your friends’ news feed, prompting them to donate.
  • Ask your friends to use Facebook connect on JustGiving after they have donated. This way they can share your page with their Facebook friends.
  • Set up a JustTextGiving code so you can receive donations to your page via text message.
  • Promote your page on YouTube with a video of your training, or just a piece to camera about why you are doing the event and why people should donate.
  • Ask for donations to your page instead of someone buying you a coffee or a pint.
  • Remember that on average, 20% of donations are received after the event date so send your page to everyone again once you have completed your challenge. Add some extra content like photos from the day or gruelling details about how hard it was.