People walking through a path in the woods wearing Christmas hats

Christmas fundraising ideas A-Z

Whether you're hosting a get together with family and friends or attending a Christmas work party, our A-Z list of ideas is a fun way to spread festive cheer and support Macmillan this holiday season.

A: Advent Calendar Countdown

Share in the fun of counting down the days to Christmas by taking turns in opening a shared advent calendar - for a small donation. 


B: Boxing Day Run

Take on a 5K10K or further distance on boxing day to help raise funds for Macmillan. All you need to do is register your event with Macmillan, ask for donations and go the distance. You could even make it festive by dressing up as Santa Claus! 


C: Christmas Fayre

Organise a craft fayre selling festive goods such as baubles or mince pies. And if you want to get the pros involved, ask local businesses to join in if they'll donate a percentage of their proceeds to Macmillan. Check out our craft ideas for more inspiration. 


D: Deck your desk with bells and holly

If you've returned to the office, challenge your colleagues to a speed decorating competition. Get participants to spend their lunch hour making their workspace as festive as possible. Then ask a

panel of judges to give a prize to the best desk.


E: Elf auction

Gather your friends, family, or colleagues together to volunteer to be auctioned. The highest bidder for each volunteer will receive helping hands for a day in the busy line-up to Christmas.


F: Festive fivers

Ask everyone to write their name on a £5 note, pop it into a hat and pick a winner. Then split the pot between the lucky winner and Macmillan.


G: Guess the little angel

Ask your friends or colleagues to share a baby picture of themselves. Then have everyone guess who's who for a £1 donation. 


H: Helping hands

Gather a group together to volunteer for Macmillan. Whether it's at a Christmas event or a goal for the New Year, volunteering can make a difference in the lives of people affected by cancer.

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I: Icing on the Christmas cake

There's probably a good chance you've put icing on a cake before. But have you done it blindfolded? This fun game is a great way to get into the festive spirit.


J: Jingle bells

At your Christmas party, put a collection box next to the DJ stand and ask people to make a donation every time they request a track. 


K: Karaoke Carols

Belt out your favourite festive tunes by hosting a Christmas karaoke competition. Each participant can enter by donating to Macmillan and judges can decide who put on the best seasonal performance. 


L: Last hour's pay

As a gesture of generosity, ask colleagues if they'll donate their last hour's pay before Christmas. You'll be signing off for the holiday period while helping Macmillan support people affected by cancer every step of the way.


M: Mince pie bake off

Assemble a team of judges for a mine pie bake off and find out whose mince pies are really the best. As they say, the proof is in the pudding!


N: Nearly new sale

Help give your unwanted Christmas gifts a new home by organising a bring and buy sale at work. 


O: Obstacle course 

Ready, Set, Rudolph! Set up a Christmas-themed obstacle course and challenge friends, family, or colleagues to compete and help raise funds for Macmillan.


P: Pledge to make a difference 

Make a difference in the lives of people living with cancer in the New Year by signing up to participate in one of our Macmillan events

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Q: Quiz-mas

Christmas is a great time for a quiz. For a small donation to Macmillan, teams can sign up to test their festive knowledge in a chance to win a great prize!


R: Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

Have you ever pinned the tail on Rudolph? Blindfold your participants, charge them £1 to enter and give a prize to whoever is 'on the nose' with their attempt.


S: Secret Santa

Instead of spending £5 on Secret Santa presents, ask those taking part to set the limit to £4 and have everyone donate the spare £1 to Macmillan.


T: Tinsel, baubles, and twine

If you're a top tier decorator, then hosting a Christmas wreath decorating party can be a fun way to celebrate the festive season and raise money for Macmillan. Simply have participants pay a small donation to decorate a wreath - but make sure to provides lots of festive tinsel, baubles, and twine. 

Check out our other charity crafting ideas for more inspiration.


U: Ugly Christmas Jumper Competition

Get together with friends, family or colleagues and have an ugly Christmas Jumper day! For a small fee, people can enter a competition and the winner can split the pot with Macmillan.


V: Virtual fundraising challenge for gamers

Host a stream to raise vital funds for Macmillan by becoming a Game Hero. You could take on a perfect run challenge, 24 hour marathon, or stream your own way.


W: Wrap up nicely

Wrapping presents can take a lot of time and energy. By setting up a wrapping station at work or your local supermarket, you could wrap presents for others in an exchange for a small donation. 


X: Xmas Cards

Spread festive cheer this Christmas season by sending Macmillan Christmas cards to those you care about. For every pack purchased, you'll be helping us to continue our vital work in supporting people affected by cancer. Visit the Macmillan Christmas shop to discover our seasonal range which includes decoration, gift ideas and more. 


Y: Yuletide traditions

Did you know that 'yuletide' originally referred to the 12 days of Christmas? This year, why not celebrate this period by taking on a fundraising challenge. Whether it is completing 10,000 steps every day for 12 days, skipping rope for 12 minutes every day till Christmas or hosting a 12 hour long gaming stream, you can help to raise vital funds for Macmillan.


Z: ZZZ...

With your colleagues, pay £5 to enter a draw to win the chance for a day off work and a priceless lie in. We're sure a day off will be a welcome early present.