Fundraising FAQs

Want to know more about fundraising for Macmillan? Find the answers to our frequently asked questions here.

Before you get started

  • I want to fundraise for Macmillan, but I'm not sure what to do. How can I get involved?

    We have all sorts of events for you to take part in. There are physical challenges like runs, hikes and swims. Or if you are feeling social, why not organise a coffee morning, a night in with friends, or a golf day? There are even networking and corporate events like our famous luncheons and charity balls.

    There are so many ways you can get involved. Check out all of our fundraising events.

    If you're looking for something to do safely during the pandemic, read our fundraising ideas during the Coronavirus pandemic.

    Whatever you chose to do, we're here to support you with your fundraising. From resources and ideas to online fundraising tips.

  • Can I hold my own event for Macmillan?

    Of course. If you're looking at holding your own active event such as a walk, a run or a cycling challenge, all you need to do is head to the specific events page for that category. You’ll be able to join Team Macmillan for your challenge, and we’ll even send you a fabulous pack from us crammed with fundraising tips and training information.

    Find an activity

    If you're doing your own thing, be it climbing in a bath of beans, holding a quiz night or masterminding a charity auction, we've got lots of helpful information.

    Organise your own event

  • How will you use the funds I've raised?

    Your money will help us to provide a variety of services which help make sure no one has to go through cancer alone. We rely on fundraisers for 98% of our support so you really are very important.

    You can find out more about how we raise and spend our money.

  • How do I raise money for charity?

    Fundraising is vital to our work supporting people living with cancer. Find out about the different ways people can fundraise for us as well as why it's so important to Macmillan.

Before registering my event

  • Can Macmillan promote my fundraising event?

    We'd love to be able to promote every single person who fundraises for us on our social media channels. We're lucky to have so many supporters like you fundraising for us. But in the interests of fairness and treating all our supporters equally, we have taken the decision to not share individual fundraising posts.

    We hope you'll understand why we have taken this difficult decision, and we do hope that you will still take advantage of all the different ways we can support your fundraising activities.

  • Can someone from Macmillan come and speak at my event?

    We will try to send someone from our team to speak to people at your event when this is possible. Unfortunately, it's often not possible for this to happen in person. This is usually due to the availability of senior staff, many of which have to cover large geographical areas and have schedules booked up months in advance.

    We hope this doesn't discourage you from celebrating publicly and revelling in the success of your event, as your hard work and dedication means the world to us and helps us support people with cancer live life as fully as they can.

  • I have a specific question about an event. Where can I get the answer?

    On many of our event pages we'll give you a specific telephone number and contact form so you can find out all the answers to your questions.

    Alternatively, email us at or call us on 0300 1000 200 and we'll put you in touch with the right person.

After registering my event

  • How do I set up an online fundraising page?

    Setting up an online fundraising page is a great place to start.

    All you need to do is visit JustGiving, choose Macmillan Cancer Support and select your challenge from the list. Supporters who use these sites such as JustGiving often raise more money than people fundraising offline.

    When you select Macmillan as your chosen charity, all income is transferred directly to us. So all you have to do is share your page on Facebook and Twitter to get the word out to all your friends and family.

    We have more information on getting your fundraising started and setting up your online fundraising page.

  • Can I fundraise for Macmillan on Facebook?

    Absolutely! If you would like to use Facebook as a fundraising platform, here is a link to help you get started. You'll need a Facebook account and be logged in to use this feature.

    If you choose to use Facebook as a fundraising platform, or in order to complement or top-up donations for your event, please note we may not be aware of this fundraising activity. If you want us to acknowledge this, please get in touch by emailing or send us a private message through Facebook.

  • How can I boost my fundraising?

    If you're stuck for ideas on how to boost your sponsorship, there are lots of fundraising activities you can do to help you meet and exceed your target.

    We have lots of great suggestions on how to boost your fundraising.

  • What happens if I don't reach my minimum target for an event?

    If you feel you won't be able to meet your fundraising pledge through donations from friends and family, then organising a local event such as a supermarket collection, cake sale or raffle, can all be great ways to give your fundraising a final boost.

    We're also happy to accept personal donations, should you wish to pay the sponsorship yourself – but this is not, in any way, mandatory.

  • I need posters and invitations to promote my event. Where can I get them from?

    We've got loads of professionally-designed posters, flyers, invitations and ticket templates on be.Macmillan to support fundraising event.

    Simply create an account, find your favourite design then order it as a PDF to your inbox. The best thing is, they're all completely free.

  • Where can I get more sponsorship forms?

    Want to collect sponsorship the old fashioned way? Be super organised and download our sponsorship form so you can collect donations and Gift Aid declarations.

  • How can I use QR codes to raise more money?

    We are currently changing our QR Code provider for 2023. We are working internally on re-issuing unique QR codes to all of our fundraisers. In the meantime, you could set up a JustGiving page. Then put /qrcode at the end of your JustGiving page link (URL) and your QR code will appear. The data collected is completely secure because we have built in security levels and all codes are locked to Macmillan experiences.

    If you have a question or are concerned about a specific QR code you've seen mentioning Macmillan, please contact our Fundraising Support Hub by calling 0300 1000 200

    Individuals fundraising through JustGiving, may also use QR codes so you can donate to their fundraising pages easily. If you are unsure whether a JustGiving QR code is real, please contact the fundraiser directly.

After my event

  • How do I get my fundraising money to you?

    Thank you for your fundraising efforts - we know that raising money can be a challenge, but your hard work means we can continue to support people living with cancer.

    Find out how to pay in your fundraising money.

  • How do I claim gift aid on the money I raise?

    Once you've sent your donations to us, just pop your sponsorship form in the post to the address at the top of the form and we will be able to claim the Gift Aid. If the donors are UK taxpayers we can claim an extra 25p from HMRC for every pound that they donate to Macmillan, please remind them to tick the box and complete their details.

    We have more information on Gift Aid.

  • Can I donate my money to a specific Macmillan project?

    Nearly 98% of our income is from voluntary donations, and this goes to provide our full range of services, from specialist cancer nurses to information booklets and support groups. We plan these services very carefully to meet the needs of people affected by cancer in a local community or nationwide. We review our services regularly to make sure they are providing the best value for money and maximum impact.

    For this reason we prefer to use donations to fund whichever of our services are most in need, but if you would like us to use your gift towards a specific aspect of our work we will comply wherever possible .Please contact us on 0300 1000 200 to discuss your wishes.

  • How can I volunteer for Macmillan?

    There are so many ways to get involved, from cheering on a marathon runner to lending an ear in our information centres. Whatever suits you best, you'll be doing something amazing.

    There are volunteering opportunities available all over the UK, including some which are home-based. You can use Assemble by searching here for roles that are local to you. You can filter by how far you can travel, when you're available, by a keyword or type of opportunity.

    If you're not sure how you'd like to volunteer for us, you can join the Macmillan Action Team – this means you'll register yourself as a volunteer but we'll call to have a chat, find out what your interests are, then see how we can accommodate you and get your volunteer journey started.

Have another question?

If you have another question which hasn't been answered here or is specific to an event you are taking on, please contact our friendly team at the Supporter Care Hub on 0300 1000 200 between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, or email us at