Easy fundraising ideas

Thinking of ways to fundraise can be hard. That's why we've put together this super simple A-Z of easy fundraising ideas.

A: Alcohol-free zone

This October, Go Sober for Macmillan. That's right. No lager. No wine. Not even a shandy. But don't worry, it'll all be worth it, as you'll be swapping those pints for pounds as you raise plenty of cash.


B: Brave the shave

Do something amazing. Whatever your reason for shaving your hair off, whoever you do it for, you'll be helping Macmillan support even more people living with cancer.


C: Coffee morning

World's Biggest Coffee Morning is Macmillan's biggest fundraising event. Join thousands of people across the country and have a day to remember with friends and colleagues. From savoury snacks to sweet treats, make it your own and help support people living with cancer.


D: Donate your birthday

This year, instead of asking for loads of pressies make a real difference by getting your nearest and dearest to give a donation to Macmillan. Facebook makes it super easy for you to use your birthday to raise money for a cause that's important to you.


E: eBay your stuff

'Why do I still have these CDs?', you might ask. Well, sell all your unwanted stuff online and donate the money or a proportion of it to Macmillan.


F: Film night

Make your house a cinema for the night and get people round to watch a film. You could even make popcorn and charge people for it.


G: Give up social media

An easy idea but harder than you think to do. Facebook fanatic? Twitter mad? Give up social media for a day or a week and get out into the real world to raise money.


H: Hero day

Superman? Bobby Moore? Marilyn Monroe? Even Darth Vader? Dress up as your hero for the day.


I: Indoor games

These days almost everyone owns a Wii Fit or Guitar Hero set, so why not get your friends together and hold a video games tournament? Take it one step further and sign up to our 24-hour Game Heroes challenge.


J: JustGiving

Already thought of a fundraising idea and want to get your friends and family to sponsor you? Head over to JustGiving and create your account for Macmillan.


K: Karaoke night

Get those tonsils warmed up and take to the stage as Madonna, Tina, Jacko, or even The King himself. The choice is yours. Just be careful on those high notes.


L: Learn a new skill

Remember when you said you wanted to learn to tango? Or even drumming, skateboarding, or juggling? Get sponsored to learn that skill you've always promised to master and put on a show.


M: M&S Sparks

Do you shop at Marks and Spencer? Why not get a Sparks Card and add Macmillan as your charity?


N: Name the teddy bear

Rupert? Yogi? Darren? Whatever you've christened your teddy bear, keep it to yourself. Then make a list of 100 names, and charge people £1 to pick the one they think the cuddly tyke goes by. The person with the correct name gets to keep the teddy, while all the proceeds go to Macmillan. It's so easy it's child's play.


O: Online shopping

Did you know that with just the click of a mouse you can buy a range of fabulous goodies from our award-winning online shop? With a range of branded products like our diary, calendar and bags you can proudly show your support for Macmillan.


P: Photo competition

Get together and put your snapping skills in the frame. Why not choose a theme for your photography competition? We're thinking ‘lunchtime larks’, ‘animal antics’ – or anything that'll get those shutters clicking. Get friends and family to pitch in a couple of quid to take part, and make things picture perfect.


Q: Quids in

Get your school or club to cover a distance using pound coins. It could be a mile, or it could be the length of a school hall or playing field. Whatever the distance covered, the money raised will go a long way to help people living with cancer.


R: Retail therapy

Sacrifice three luxury items from your weekly household shop and donate the money you save. Encourage friends and colleagues to do the same.


S:Social media

Social media is a fundraiser's dream. Quick, simple access to huge amounts of people make it a great way to spread the word about your fundraising. Our top ten tips will help you get the most out of social media.


T: Trade up

In 2005, ambitious American Kyle MacDonald decided to trade up. He took one red paperclip and went a-bartering. The result? A pen. But just 12 trades later he had a house. So why not start with a Macmillan pin badge and see what you can do? You might end up with something valuable you can auction for Macmillan.


U: Ugly jumpers

School corridors, shop and office floors are often a catwalk. Flip this on its head and ask your pupils or colleagues to don their most tragic jumpers. Prizes for the best (worst).


V: Volunteer

Macmillan was started by a volunteer over 100 years ago, and today they're still at the very heart of everything we do. You can join a fundraising group or get involved with coordinating fundraising collections for Macmillan.


W: Wine and cheese evening

Whether it's Blue Nun with Dairylea or a fruity port with Danish Blue, hosting a wine and cheese evening is really easy – and a gourmet way to raise some cash... Go crackers!


X: Xmas costumes

Get in the festive spirit and get sponsored to wear festive costumes at school or work. Get competitive by awarding the best/worst dressed team or individual. Or you can hold a competition for the team that has the best Xmas decorations in their office or classroom.


Y: Your Event

None of the above tickle your fancy? Then raise money your way for Macmillan and let us know if there is anything we can do to help.


Z: Zumbathon

Encourage your local Zumba® group to take part in a Zumbathon to raise money for Macmillan. Bust a move and watch the money mount up.