Cost effective ways to keep warm this winter

Published: 07 November 2023

We know people are worried about money and that cancer can be tough on your finances.


Many people are anxious about the cost of energy bills this winter and others are considering not turning on the heating due to the rising cost of living.


If you are looking for ways to keep your heating costs down, read our top tips for keeping warm without turning the heating on.

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It is all about the layers

Wearing lots of loose layers of clothing works better at trapping the heat than thicker clothes. If it is particularly cold, try wearing thermal base layers to give more insulation.

If your hands get cold, try wearing fingerless gloves as for some people keeping their wrists warm can make a real difference.

Keeping your feet warm 

Two pairs of furry slippers

Your feet play an important role in regulating your body temperature. Keeping your feet warm can make a big difference to feeling warm whether you are inside or outside.

You can try knitted or thermal socks and slippers to help insulate your feet.

Considering blankets

As it gets colder, using an electric blanket or heated throw are alternatives to staying warm. Even though the cost of electricity has gone up, prices starting from £20 and the lowest running cost being roughly 2p an hour. These types of blankets could keep you warm for less than turning on the heating.

Alternatively, try out blankets with sleeves or hoods which are designed to keep you snug and warm.


Drinking warm drinks

Keeping warm by the fire with a hot drink

Even though boiling your kettle uses electricity, drinking a warm drink can increase your body temperature. The hot mug will also give extra warmth to your hands.

Whilst you have the kettle on why not make a hot water bottle. Read our next tip.

Making the most of a hot water bottle

Using a hot-water bottle can be used to keep you warm day or night. You can put them in your bed before you go to sleep or have them by your side in the day for warmth and comfort.

As well as providing warmth, they are helpful for soothing aches and pains.

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A white woman with short brown hair and glasses.

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