What is the Macmillan Benefits Calculator?

Our online calculator works out which benefits and financial support you are entitled to. 

The calculator uses information about your income, savings, pension and existing benefits. If you have a partner, you will need information about their financial situation.

Once you provide the information, the calculator will check what you can claim. 

With the cost of living rising, it's important to know what you are entitled to.

Some benefits are means-tested. This means that your income and savings can affect what you are able to get.

You can download or print the results to use in future.

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Who can use the Macmillan Benefits Calculator?

You can use the Macmillan Benefits calculator if you have cancer or are caring for someone with cancer. You can use it on behalf of someone else.

Benefits can change and your circumstances may change and so it’s worth checking regularly to see if you’re claiming everything you’re entitled to. 

The Macmillan Benefits Calculator cannot provide accurate results for the following groups as different rules apply. This includes people who are:

This criteria also applies to the person applying and anyone else in the household. 

If you are in one of these groups and you have more questions, call the Macmillan Support Line free on 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week, 8am to 8pm.  You can also email us or chat online.

How to use the Macmillan Benefits Calculator

The Macmillan Benefits Calculator provided by entitledto helps you find out which benefits you can claim if you have cancer.

The calculator is free to use and your information will be anonymous. This means we won’t know who has given us the answers and they will only be used for the benefits calculator. It should take about 10 minutes to complete.

What you will need to complete the Benefits Calculator

To get the most accurate results, you will need the following information to hand:

  • details of what you spend each month, such as mortgage, rent or childcare payments
  • existing benefits and pensions, including anyone living with you
  • savings
  • household income, including your partner’s, if you have one. For example, recent payslips.

If you run out of time or need to take a break, you can save your answers and come back to it later.

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What benefits does the Benefits Calculator check?

The calculator covers England, Scotland, and Wales. It will check all the benefits you may be able to apply for. The law in the UK and Ireland recognises cancer as a disability. You may be able to claim disability benefits. The calculator will show the benefits and financial support you are eligible for, such as:

What do my Macmillan Benefits Calculator results mean?

You will be emailed the results from the calculator. Your results will help you find out which means-tested benefits you might be entitled to, but it does not guarantee you will get them.

The calculator is a free and anonymous tool. Your answers are kept private and never shared with anyone. It's important to be as accurate as possible so it can check what you could be entitled to.

You can call the Macmillan Support Line team if you need to complete the benefits calculator through an interpreter. Call 0808 808 00 00 and tell us, in English, the language you need.

FAQs about the Macmillan Benefits Calculator

  • What information do I need to use the Macmillan Benefits calculator?

    Before you start the benefits calculator it will be helpful to have some information ready. This includes your earnings, household bills, savings and any current benefits you receive. You can get this information from payslips, bank statements and bills. If you don't have the exact information you can still complete the calculator, but your results may not be as accurate.If you have anyone else living with you, we will need to know about that too.

  • Does the Macmillan Benefits calculator cover England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland?

    Yes, the Macmillan Benefits calculator covers England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

  • Who cannot use the Macmillan Benefits calculator?

    The Macmillan Benefits calculator cannot provide accurate results for people who are: aged under 18 not British or Irish citizens 

  • Can I complete the Macmillan Benefits calculator more than once?

    Yes, you can complete the benefits calculator as many times as you need. The benefits you are entitled to may change depending on your circumstances. We recommend checking them regularly to see if they have changed.

  • What are the special rules for people who are terminally ill?

    If you are living with terminal cancer, you may be able to apply for benefits under the special rules.These rules mean that certain benefits can be paid much more quickly, at a higher rate and without a medical assessment. The rules apply to these benefits: Attendance Allowance Disability Living Allowance (DLA) Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Universal Credit The criteria for who can apply under the special rules vary depending on where you live in the UK. Complete our Macmillan Benefits calculator if you are not sure which benefits you are entitled to.

How accurate is the Macmillan Benefits Calculator?

The calculator estimates which means-tested benefits you could be entitled to, based on the answers you give about your income and savings.

Our benefits calculator cannot guarantee that you are able to receive benefits. If your circumstances change, this could affect the outcome and you will need to begin a new estimate. For example, if you move in with a partner or start working.

The benefits calculator will not work for some people. For example, if you are under 18 or not a British or Irish citizen, you will not be able to use the calculator for an estimate. If this applies to you, you will need to speak to a specialist adviser.

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More help with benefits

If living with cancer makes you worry about money, we are here.

Our Online Community is a place to chat to others and share experiences. There is a Ask a Financial Guide forum and a Practical Issues forum where you can ask questions about money and benefits.

We also have information in different languages and accessible formats including audio, easy read and British Sign Language. 

Depending on where you live, you may also be able to talk to someone at a local Macmillan benefits advice service.

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Further information

You can get more information and apply for certain benefits by visiting: