Caring for someone with mesothelioma

Get information, advice and support if you are caring for someone with mesothelioma. Find out what options you have and how we can help you.

Support available

If you're looking for emotional, practical or financial support, see our information on caring for someone with cancer.

If your relative or friend is making a compensation claim because of their mesothelioma, it may be possible to get a short-term payment to help fund some of their care. If your relative or friend would like to consider this, they should discuss it with a solicitor.

If treatment is no longer working

There may come a time when treatments are no longer working for your relative or friend and you have to prepare for their death. When someone dies of mesothelioma, there will need to be an inquest. This is a legal investigation into the circumstances surrounding a person’s death. At such a difficult time, it can be even harder if you did not expect this.

Compensation for family members

Relatives of people who have died from mesothelioma may be able to claim compensation for their relative’s pain and suffering, and some financial losses suffered as a result of the illness. This may not be possible if the person who died from mesothelioma had already made a claim which had been settled.

It is important to get legal advice from a specialist solicitor on how to make a claim. We have more information about compensation and claiming benefits for mesothelioma.