Asking questions about lymphoma

On this page there are questions that you may want to ask your specialist doctor or nurse

You might want to use this list to help you think about other questions you want to ask. If there is something you are worried about or need more information about, it is important to tell your doctor or nurse. 

You might find it useful to take a copy of this page with you to an appointment. Appointments and other chances to speak with your healthcare team can be short. To make the best use of your time, it is good to be prepared. You can download this page as a PDF to print or download.

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Questions to ask about lymphoma diagnosis

Asking questions during and after your diagnosis can make it easier to understand what is happening and why.

What type of lymphoma do I have?

What stage is the lymphoma?

Is the lymphoma slow-growing or fast-growing?

What is the outlook for this type of lymphoma, and what might this mean in my situation?

Do I need further tests and when will these happen?

Who can I talk to about how I am feeling?

Who can I ask about practical issues or money worries?

Questions to ask about lymphoma treatment decisions

When you are making decisions about treatments, it is very important that you understand all the information you are given. You can ask questions about anything you do not understand.

What treatment or treatments do you recommend for me?

What is the aim of my treatment?

Are there any other treatments that might work just as well?

What are the benefits and risks of each treatment option?

What might the side effects of each option be?

How can I get a second opinion?

Is there a lymphoma clinical trial I can take part in?

If I choose not to have treatment, what might happen?

Questions to ask about having lymphoma treatment

Knowing what your treatment will involve can help you make practical plans and decisions.

Where will I have treatment?

Will I have to stay in hospital?

How soon will my treatment start?

How long will my treatment last?

How often will I have this treatment?

Can I continue working while I am having treatment?

Do I need to change what I eat?

Can I drink alcohol?

Can I exercise regularly?

Will I be able to drive?

Will the treatment affect my fertility or sex life?

Do I need to avoid people who are pregnant or young children while I am having treatment?

Questions to ask about side effects

The thought of treatment side effects can be frightening, but there are many ways to help manage them. There is also support available. If you already know what treatment you are going to have, you can search our treatments & drugs A-Z for more information. We also have information about:

What are the possible side effects of this treatment?

Who should I contact if I have side effects and when?

What should I do if I have side effects?

How long are side effects likely to continue for?

Will side effects eventually go away, or might some be permanent?

If I have lots of side effects, can I reduce or stop my treatment?

Questions to ask about watch and wait

Some people do not start lymphoma treatment straight away. Instead their doctor suggests they have regular tests and appointments to monitor the lymphoma. This is a way of delaying treatment until it is needed. It is also called active surveillance or active monitoring.

Is watch and wait a good treatment option for me?

What are the advantages of watch and wait?

What are the disadvantages of watch and wait?

What tests and appointments will I have?

What are my options if I do not feel that watch and wait is the right treatment for me?

What support is available to help me cope if I am worried about delaying treatment?

Questions to ask after lymphoma treatment

Your lymphoma doctor or nurse will explain what to expect when you finish treatment. But you can ask questions about this at any time before, during or after your treatment.

What happens when my treatment finishes?

How long is it likely to take for me to recover?

How often will I have follow-up appointments?

Will I need more tests or scans?

Who do I contact if I have a problem before my follow-up appointments?

I am worried about the lymphoma coming back. Who can I speak to?

What are the signs of the lymphoma coming back? 

How can I stay healthy after treatment finishes?

Questions to ask about work and money

Worries about work and money are common for many people before, during and after lymphoma. There is support and advice that can help.

Will my diagnosis or having lymphoma treatment affect my finances?

Where can I get financial support or advice about money?

How do I get free prescriptions for my cancer treatment?

Can I get help with my energy bills?

Can I get help with travel or hospital parking costs?

Will I be able to keep working?

How much time will I need to take off work?

Who can I speak to about going back to work after treatment finishes?
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