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How our Work Support Service can help you

"Work let me take my time, and when I did start going back I just started off doing a few hours here and there. I realise I was quite lucky, and I know some people weren’t so lucky with their employers." Quote from Vivek, diagnosed with brain and testicular cancer

Our Work Support Service is open to anyone affected by cancer, whether they are employed or self-employed. This includes people working while supporting someone with cancer.

The Work Support Service can help you to understand your options at work if you are supporting someone with cancer. Or you have just been diagnosed and need more information about adjustments at work, sick pay or taking time off. We can also refer people who need it to one-off legal advice.

You can contact us about all aspects of work. Some common questions include:


Booklets and resources

How to contact the Work Support Service

Most people call the Macmillan Support Line on 0808 808 00 00 as it can be easier to discuss work support in real time with a member of the Work Support Service. When you call you will hear a set of options and you can select the Work Support Service. The members of Work Support Service work Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

You can also chat to us online. When chat is open you will see a 'Chat to us' icon at the bottom right of your screen. Click this to start the service. You will be asked a few questions to direct you to the best service to support you.

If you send us an email with questions about cancer and work, please complete our online form. All emails are answered during opening hours and we will reply within 2 working days.  

Language interpreters and options if you are Deaf or hard of hearing

We have interpreters available on our support line if you would like to speak to someone in a different language. Please state the language you need (in English) when you phone.

If you are Deaf or hard of hearing you can chat online, or visit the Macmillan Support Line page for details about using text relay or arranging a British Sign Language interpreter.

Preparing for your call

Before you contact the support line it's helpful to have details of your employment at hand. This can include your salary, hours of work, or details about any sick pay.

You might like to make a list of any specific questions you have before you get in touch and have something to take notes with.

We understand that there is a lot to take in. Our team will email you, or write to you after the call and send you a summary of the call along with any relevant links and resources.

Online tools and information

We have lots of information about work and cancer on our website. This includes resources for employers and a workplace offer called Macmillan at Work for organisations who want to better understand how to help any employees affected by cancer.

Our Online Community is a safe space where you can chat anonymously people in a similar situation to yours. You can also use the Ask the expert forum to ask questions.

Booklets and resources

Other ways our support line can help

We know that cancer can impact all aspects of our lives. Our support line is made up of specialist teams who can help you with: 

To contact any of our teams call the Macmillan Support Line for free on 0808 808 00 00, chat online, or email us and you will be given the options and opening times for each team. 

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