Practical tools for healthcare professionals

Macmillan produces a number of tools which you may find useful in your role. Many of them can be downloaded directly from Learn Zone or be.Macmillan.

Cancer Rehabilitation Pathways

The Macmillan Cancer Rehabilitation Pathways [PDF] document illustrates the role of Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) in cancer rehabilitation for people living with and beyond cancer.

The pathways are a guide to the types of rehabilitation interventions which patients may need at different stages of their treatment. They support the recommendations laid down by the Cancer Taskforce in Achieving World Class Cancer Outcomes: A strategy for England 2015–2020.

The pathways are aimed at professionals working with adults affected by cancer and have been designed by:

  • AHPs
  • other healthcare professionals in cancer and palliative care
  • provider and commissioning organisations.

Download the Macmillan Cancer Rehabilitation Pathways [PDF, 5.6MB].

Please note the PDF works best when it is opened in Adobe Reader.


We've created an online survey to capture your thoughts and feedback on this document. We will use your comments to inform the development of an updated version of the pathways.

Please complete the survey by Friday 28th September 2018.

Competence Framework for Nurses

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Learn about the CCaT Competence Framework

Learn about the CCaT Competence Framework

Macmillan Allied Health Professions Competence Framework

The Macmillan Allied Health Professions Competence Framework [PDF] is the first competence framework for UK allied health professionals (AHPs) working with people affected by cancer.

The framework is designed to support managers, teams and individuals by identifying competences that apply to the majority of AHPs working with people affected by cancer. It will assist individuals and organisations to use competence to support recruitment, workforce planning and development, career progression and role design.

We’ve also developed a table [PDF] to help AHPs to:

  • Highlight the competences they wish to focus on
  • Record how these link to appraisals/personal development reviews
  • Describe evidence to demonstrate achievement of the competences chosen
  • Record how the activities link to the Health and Care Professions CPD standards 4 and 5.

Download the Macmillan Allied Health Professionals Competence Framework [PDF]

Download the framework table [PDF]

Referring someone to the financial guidance service

Supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people with cancer

While lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people report many good experiences of care, there are some areas that still need attention. These case examples of practice are intended to support professionals to personalise care for LGBT people with cancer. The guidance aims to give practical advice where cancer professionals may feel unsure or embarrassed about what to say without fear of causing offence. Download the guidance [PDF].

Let's talk about it: Improving information and support for people affected by cancer

This report contains ideas to improve information and support for people affected by cancer including better information, more local services and improved communication. We want people living with and beyond cancer to have better access to personalised information and support, variations in provision to be tackled, and shared decision-making to become a reality. Download the report [PDF].

Tom's Gift

If you’re involved in caring for a child under 16 who is undergoing or requires cancer treatment, you could bring them a moment of joy with Tom’s Gift. Fill out the application form with the child’s parent or carer, send it in and the child will receive a special package in the post – including a £30 gift voucher for them to spend on whatever makes them smile. 

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