Macmillan's whistleblowing policy

At Macmillan Cancer Support we are committed to ensuring that any member of the public can raise a concern. Here are some examples of whistleblowing concerns as well as how to report any concerns you may have.

Reporting a whistleblowing concern

We recognise that sometimes things go wrong in an organisation. If this happens at Macmillan, please tell us as soon as possible. We will investigate it properly and protect you from any unfair treatment.

Whistleblowing is the raising of a concern about a risk or dangerous, illegal or unethical practice which could have a negative effect on others. This could be an issue that affects you, our supporters, service users, our employees, the public or Macmillan's reputation. 

You can raise a concern either internally or to our independent, confidential whistleblowing service, Safecall, where you can be anonymous and your identify will be protected.

Examples of whistleblowing concerns

  • A criminal offence such as fraud or theft.
  • A danger to the safety of any individual.
  • A breach of a legal or regulatory obligation (e.g. Data Protection, Fundraising rules).
  • The deliberate breach of a Macmillan policy or asking others to do so.
  • Damage to the environment.
  • Modern Slavery.
  • Deliberate covering up of evidence that shows any of the above has occurred.

How to report a whistleblowing concern

If you wish to raise a Whistleblowing concern, please contact either.