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Our campaigns fight for real change for people affected by cancer. By signing petitions, emailing your MP or attending events, you can help transform the lives of people with cancer. Join us in demanding the best in cancer support.

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Macmillan nurse, Miranda, stands in a hospital environment looking at the camera.

Banking on change

We’re calling on the Government to change the law so that banks and building societies have a legal duty of care towards their customers.

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Give us a break

If anyone deserves a break, it's someone with cancer. We're campaigning to make sure travel insurance is clear and fairly priced for people with cancer.

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There are lots of ways you can support Macmillan’s campaigns, from attending events to lobbying your MP. Get the latest tips and resources to make sure your voice heard.

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Campaign success stories

We’ve spoken out against prescription charges, welfare cuts and the lack of support for carers. And with your help we’ve really changed things for the better.

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We've also been campaigning on...

Claire, diagnosed with brain Cancer, hugs Shez, her Macmillan nurse.

Cancer Matters

Ahead of the General Election, we asked Macmillan campaigners and supporters to email their candidates and let them know that cancer matters.

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The video still shows Patrick Stewart, supporter of Macmillan's Age Old Excuse campaign. A play button is in the centre of the image. Select play to watch the Age Old Excuse campaign video.

Age Old Excuse

We campaigned to make sure older people are offered cancer treatment and care based on their needs, not on their age. After all, age is just a number.

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