Advice to help you cope with the emotional, relationship or health issues you might face during and after treatment for early (localised) prostate cancer.

  • Getting support

    Find out more about our free support line, Macmillan nurses, information services and support groups near you.

  • Your emotions

    Get help with the emotional issues you and your loved ones might face.

  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

    Get advice on eating healthily, keeping active, quitting smoking and managing weight loss or gain.

  • Side effects and symptoms

    Find out more about different symptoms and side effects and how you can cope with them.

  • Changes to appearance and body image

    Some cancer treatments can change the way your body looks, works or feels. Find tips and information for feeling more like you.

  • Relationships and sex

    Understanding what is happening and getting the right support can help you in your close relationships.

  • Talking about cancer

    It can be hard to talk about cancer. Find ways to make it easier.

  • Complementary therapies

    Read about different therapies that some people find helpful.

Early (localised) prostate cancer

Dave hugs his Macmillan professional. Dave on getting support

'Without Gill’s support I’m not sure I’d be where I am today.'