After you have finished prostate cancer treatment, you will have follow-up appointments.

Having check-ups

After treatment has finished, you will have follow-up appointments.

If you have had surgery or radiotherapy, you will have regular check-ups after your treatment finishes. You will usually be seen at a clinic appointment every few months for the first year. After the first year, you will be seen every 6 months for up to 2 years although this can vary from hospital to hospital. At the appointment, you will be asked about any side effects or new symptoms you are having. You will usually have a PSA test and a rectal examination.

If you are having ongoing hormonal treatment, you will continue to be checked at appointments, usually every few months.

You may see your cancer specialist for follow-up appointments, or you may have a PSA test at your GP surgery. You can talk to your cancer specialist about how you will have follow-ups after treatment. They can also tell you who you should contact if you have any problems in between appointments.

Many men find they get anxious before the appointments. This is natural. It may help to get support from family, friends or a support organisation such as Prostate Cancer UK. You can also call the Macmillan Support Line on 0808 808 00 00.

If prostate cancer comes back

After treatment, some men are cured of prostate cancer. But for others, cancer may come back after treatment. If your cancer comes back, you may be able to have further treatment.

What treatment you may be offered will depend on:

  • the PSA level
  • whether you have any symptoms
  • whether you have already had treatment
  • what type of treatment you have already had.

Your doctor can explain what treatment might be right for your situation.

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