Cost of living support for your patients

We know people with cancer are worried about the rising cost of living. Here is information about the financial support that's available for your patients.

How Macmillan is supporting your patients

We know a cancer diagnosis can be tough on someone's finances. With the cost of living rising, many people affected by cancer are making tough choices between things like getting to hospital appointments, and paying for food, water and utility bills. 

Macmillan is committed to doing whatever it takes to give people living with cancer the support they need. On this page, you will find information about the different ways Macmillan is supporting your patients through the cost of living crisis.

The latest cost of living information for your patients

We have created a single section of our website dedicated to cost of living crisis and the support that is available for people with cancer. We’ve also created a short, easy to remember web page address that you can share with people so that they can easily find this information –

People can read about: 

  • The ways Macmillan can support people with financial worries 
  • Details of who they can speak to if they have money worries or need emotional support 
  • Information about benefits people might be entitled to and how to claim them 
  • Updates on cost of living announcements from the UK Government 
  • Advice about managing household bills 

We also have information about dealing with the costs of cancer in different formats, including audiobooks and Easy Read versions.

Booklets and resources

Macmillan Grants for people with cancer

Macmillan Grants are small payments of £200 to help people on low incomes who need support with the extra costs that living with cancer can bring. We are hearing from more people with cancer who are feeling the enormous pressure of rising living costs. This is why we have added £3.5 million to Macmillan Grants.

How to apply for a Macmillan Grant?

Health and social care professionals can apply for a Macmillan Grant on behalf of a person living with cancer. It's really easy to apply, but first you'll need to create an account to access our online application platform. You can also track the progress of your application when you log in. 

People with cancer can also apply directly themselves. We have information about Macmillan Grants that you can share with your patients.

Who is eligible for a Macmillan Grant?

To be considered for a grant, a person living with cancer must meet these criteria:

Be aged 18 or over.


Financial advice from Macmillan

If your patients are worried about money, there are experts on the Macmillan Support Line they can talk to.

  • Our Financial Guides are here to give personalised support to help people budget, manage their money and understand their personal finance options, such as mortgages, pensions and insurance. People can speak to a guide from Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm.
  • Our Welfare Rights Advisors can help people to find out what benefits they might be entitled to. People can speak to an advisor from Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm, as well as 9am-5pm on Saturday and Sundays.
  • Our Energy Advisors can help people with cancer with things like access to energy schemes and grants. People can speak to an advisor Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm.

To speak to someone in the financial guidance team, people can: 

Money and cancer hub

The Macmillan website includes a lot of detailed financial information about topics such as money and work and benefits and financial support.

Our Money and Cancer hub gives people practical information about money. All they need to do is answer a few simple questions to get only the information that is relevant to their situation.

Money and cancer hub

Benefits calculator

Macmillan’s handy benefits calculator works out which financial support and benefits a someone is entitled to.

The calculator uses information about someone's income, savings, pension and existing benefits. Once this information is inputted, the calculator will check what a person can claim and also offers the opportunity to download or print the results for future use.

Macmillan benefits calculator



Emotional support for your patients

If you are supporting people with worries about money and feel they need someone to talk to or emotional support, we can help.  Here are some of the ways people can get this support.

Talk to other people with cancer on our Online Community

The Macmillan Online Community is a free online place for people who are living with or who are affected by cancer to chat about the issues affecting them.

There are forums for all sorts of different topics, including types of cancer. Here are some forums you may find helpful. 

  • Emotional support forum. Cancer can be emotionally draining, but sharing their feelings can help people feel better.
  • Cancer chat forum. People can use this space to talk about anything and everything including sharing experiences and advice on practical issues when living with cancer, such as money, work, benefits, transport, food and drink, organising support at home, or getting specialist equipment.

Other emotional help

We have other services to provide emotional support for people with cancer.

This includes things like: