The Richard Hambro Award

For inspiring leaders.

About this award

Richard Hambro became Macmillan’s treasurer in 1983, and was chairman of the trustees from 1991 to 2001. As well as driving the growth of Macmillan during his chairmanship, Richard was an excellent ambassador for us. He was elected deputy president after stepping down as chairman and remained a valued supporter until he passed away in 2009.

The Richard Hambro Award honours an individual who:

  • demonstrates strong leadership qualities by inspiring other volunteers
  • is an outstanding motivator who guides other volunteers to deliver high impact for Macmillan in the local community
  • demonstrates exceptional leadership skills that are recognised by the volunteers they lead
  • leads by example and champions others. 

Mabel Robin, 2018 UK winner

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2011, Mabel was motivated to volunteer for Macmillan. 

She plays a vital role in a variety of volunteer-led services, such as through sharing her experiences as a Cancer Voice or sharing her ideas as a Volunteer Forum member. 

As the lead volunteer of a pilot project in Warrington, Mabel provides outstanding support to the project’s 12 amazing volunteers. 

Mabel also volunteers at the Macmillan Information and Support service where she meets and greets people with her compassionate and caring demeanour, and personally ensures all Macmillan information points are fully stocked. She does everything with warmth, humour and reliability.

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