The Richard Hambro Award

For inspiring leaders.

About this award

Richard Hambro became Macmillan’s treasurer in 1983, and was chairman of the trustees from 1991 to 2001. As well as driving the growth of Macmillan during his chairmanship, Richard was an excellent ambassador for us. He was elected deputy president after stepping down as chairman and remained a valued supporter until he passed away in 2009.

The Richard Hambro Award honours an individual who:

  • demonstrates strong leadership qualities by inspiring other volunteers
  • is an outstanding motivator who guides other volunteers to deliver high impact for Macmillan in the local community
  • demonstrates exceptional leadership skills that are recognised by the volunteers they lead
  • leads by example and champions others.

Maggie Riordan, 2020 UK winner

Maggie was a Community Palliative Care Nurse and since retiring, has volunteered for Macmillan in a number of roles.

She is warm, supportive and always ready to listen, whilst still being assertive in leading and developing our Carmarthenshire Buddy Service.

Maggie is a Lead Volunteer for the service, which involves volunteers providing practical and emotional support to people affected by cancer, in their own homes.

One of the main functions of the Lead role is to contact people who are referred to us, explain what we can offer and find out what support they need, before conducting a home assessment.

This means she then has a good idea of who would be a ‘good’ match for a person who needs support, for example certain skills or a temperament that might suit best.

Maggie currently has one-to-one support meetings with 13 Buddy volunteers.

Without this kind of personal support, Buddies may decide to leave volunteering, so it’s hugely important.

Maggie volunteers 4 days a week as a Lead and on her ‘day off’ is a Macmillan Community volunteer, providing local information drop-ins.

With such an amazing drive to provide the best support we can, we really feel that Maggie deserves this award, as a thank you for her commitment, leadership and championing others whose voice may not be heard.

2020 Winner - Richard Hambro Award
2020 Winner - Richard Hambro Award

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