The Fundraising Group/Committee Award

for exceptional achievement through teamwork

About this award

This award is for a group that:

  • highlights the importance of teamwork by working together to achieve a clear goal
  • inspires others to join them or to form their own fundraising groups and raise funds for Macmillan, achieving outstanding fundraising success and making a big impact in the context of their local community
  • contributes to Macmillan by raising both funds and awareness.

Macmillan York Committee, 2018 UK winner

Since being established 50 years ago, the Macmillan York Committee has been enthusiastically working together to fundraise for Macmillan. During this time, they have raised almost £2.3 million – an astonishing £128,439 of which in 2017 – with the committee’s flagship event being York Race Day. 

The team have also worked hard to foster support in their local community. For example, they have led a partnership with the Yorkshire-based Aagrah Indian restaurant chain, enabling Macmillan to reach a new audience and raise its profile within an underrepresented community. The committee is a shining example of how well a diverse team can work together to achieve outstanding results.

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