The Fundraising Group/Committee Award

for exceptional achievement through teamwork

About this award

This award is for a group that:

  • highlights the importance of teamwork by working together to achieve a clear goal
  • inspires others to join them or to form their own fundraising groups and raise funds for Macmillan, achieving outstanding fundraising success and making a big impact in the context of their local community
  • contributes to Macmillan by raising both funds and awareness.

Isle of Bute Committee, 2019 UK winner

The Isle of Bute Committee is a dedicated group of volunteers, which represents Macmillan on the small island in Argyll. The committee of five people has inspired its community of 6,500 people to raise almost £250,000 for Macmillan.

In 2016, the committee funded two projects by getting local businesses, clubs and supporters to raise £22,000 to refurbish two rooms in their local hospital. The rooms were transformed to provide palliative care on the island, so that local people can receive end of life care in their community, surrounded by friends and family.

The other project provides grants in the local area. Due to severe unemployment, many worry about the costs of travelling by ferry to the main land when they have cancer. Grants are hugely important to ensure people can continue to live life as fully as they can.

The committee is really moving with the times, by promoting their events on social media to provide the best results for Macmillan. Despite their chair recently standing down, they have worked hard to ensure that supporters receive the same level of engagement, and much-loved events go ahead as planned.

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