The Fundraising Group/Committee Award

for exceptional achievement through teamwork

About this award

This award is for a group that:

  • highlights the importance of teamwork by working together to achieve one clear goal
  • inspires others to join them or to form their own fundraising groups and raise funds for Macmillan, achieving outstanding fundraising success and making a big impact in relation to the context of their local community
  • balances its time to make a contribution to Macmillan by raising both funds and awareness.

Holmfirth Committee, 2017 UK winner
The fantastic team of friends making a phenomenal contribution

Since 1961, the Holmfirth Committee has raised almost £1.3 million for Macmillan and become one of our most successful fundraising committees. In 2015 the committee was without a chairperson, but this did not hamper its fundraising ability thanks to the group’s winning combination of dedication, teamwork, and friendship. As it is deeply rooted in the community, the committee enjoys extraordinary local support, and its flagship event – Holmfirth Artweek – celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016. One of the largest open art exhibitions in the UK, the event raises up to £40,000 annually for Macmillan.

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