A woman wearing a green Macmillan exercise t shirt is in the gym. She is lifting 2 dumbbells with her arms either side of her head.

Take on 40 days of fitness

Take on a 40-day fitness challenge. We have a whole range of ideas to keep you moving and having fun every day.

This is a great way to raise funds while doing an activity that's manageable and your own choice. You can decide how much you do each day, and what the activity is.

By stretching your challenge out over 40 days, you can build both your fitness and fundraising total over the time you're taking part. Get ideas for the types of activities you could do and find out more about how to get started.

Make sure you set up an online fundraising page so friends and family can donate and motivate you as your challenge progresses. Share updates on your social media and who knows, you might even inspire friends to take on the challenge too - it could even be a friendly competition!

Plan your challenges

With so many options for things to do over your 40-day challenge, it can be difficult to make a decision and commit. But making a plan of what you're going to do in advance will help you stay on track and avoid idea-fatigue.

You could do the same activity 40 times, mix it up and do a different one every day, or land somewhere in between. Read our 40 ideas for 40 days of fitness below to get you started.

No matter what combination of activities you decide to try, check out our guidance on how to stretch, strengthen, and fuel for your 40-day challenge, with professional advice from our training partner Running with Us.

You may want to consider whether you are going to involve other people in your challenge. Whether you choose to make it a solo feat or team event, you may need support in other ways including fundraising, publicity, finding flash prizes, or filming your daily activities and blogging about them.

Choose your start date

Pick a date when you can begin your challenge. Give yourself enough time to figure out all the details and logistics before you get started.

Set a fundraising target

How much do you want to raise? Knowing and promoting this figure is great motivation for you and your supporters. It may also encourage them to give a little more as you edge closer to your goal.

Keep people interested

Post regular updates

Use social media to tap into your network and a community of people already interested in what you're doing. Sharing updates on your social media and JustGiving page also keeps your friends, family and colleagues interested in whatever you choose to do.

Audience participation

Give friends and family the chance to suggest activities for particular days. You could get a little boost in your fundraising by asking for a donation if you choose one of their suggestions.

Offer prizes

Are there any fitness focussed items/experiences you can source for a ‘flash’ fundraiser? For example, everyone who donates in the next 12 hours will be entered into a draw to win a prize. Read about other ways to boost your fundraising.

40 ideas for 40 days of fitness

If you need some fitness inspiration for your 40-day challenge, we have a whole range of ideas to keep you moving and having fun every day!

Activities out and about

  1. Go for a jog – get some decent trainers and give running a try. If you're a beginner, start off with a combination of walking and jogging until you build up your stamina.
  2. Take a hike – walking is the easiest way to keep active for 40 days! Stay local or go and explore a new area to find new sights and scenery.
  3. Find a spot to go wild-swimming - find places to swim and information on how to swim safely.
  4. Walk your dog (or borrow a friend's!).
  5. Take part in a park boot-camp – there's bound to be a class near you.
  6. Find a yoga routine online.
  7. Grab your skipping rope – skipping is a great workout and can be down outside or indoors!
  8. Climb a tree (safely!).
  9. Go for a bike ride – it's a great way to explore any nice scenery near you or further afield.
  10. Get your mates together for a game of football, or other team sport of your choice.

Activities at home

  1. Do a home High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class.
  2. Blast an abs session.
  3. Smash a Legs, Bums and Tums (LBT) class.
  4. Dance around your house.
  5. Run up and down your stairs (or around your house!).
  6. Make a DIY circuit in your living room.
  7. Find a yoga routine online.
  8. Have a stretching session.
  9. Set yourself a push-up goal.
  10. Do some intense gardening – digging, mowing the lawn and pushing a wheel-barrow all get your heart rate up!

Activities at the gym

  1. Smash a spin session.
  2. Set yourself a squat-rack challenge.
  3. Do an hour of lane-swimming (taking breaks when you need them!).
  4. Jump on the treadmill or cross-trainer.
  5. Work-out with a friend – training with a friend or family member can keep you both motivated.
  6. Take part in a fitness class.
  7. Try a new machine – ask your gym instructors to safely show you how to use any piece of equipment you're unfamiliar with.
  8. Challenge a friend to a game of badminton or squash.
  9. Strengthen your core with a Pilates class.
  10. Take a trip to a trampoline park – take your kids (or a bunch of mates) and get bouncing!

Try something new

  1. Find a martial arts class.
  2. Go bouldering/rock-climbing (you could ‘rock’ at it!).
  3. Find somewhere to go kayaking.
  4. Give boxing a go.
  5. Locate your nearest high-ropes course – you'll work out your whole body as you swing through the trees!
  6. Try an aerial arts class.
  7. Practice headstands or handstands.
  8. Learn how to pistol-squat (an advanced move – good luck!).
  9. Master the art of Hula-hooping.
  10. Have a go at horse-riding.

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