A team of health professionals will work with you to plan the treatment that is best for your mesothelioma diagnosis.

If your tests show that you have mesothelioma, a team of specialists called a multidisciplinary team (MDT) will meet to plan your treatment and care. In some parts of the UK, there are specialist mesothelioma MDTs. This team will normally include:

  • chest physicians, who are doctors experienced in lung disease (if you have pleural mesothelioma)
  • oncologists, who are doctors experienced in using chemotherapy and radiotherapy to treat mesothelioma
  • surgeons, who are experienced in chest surgery (if you have pleural mesothelioma) or abdominal surgery (if you have peritoneal mesothelioma)
  • specialist nurses, who give information and support
  • palliative care nurse specialists, who are experts in controlling symptoms
  • radiologists, who help analyse scans and x-rays
  • pathologists, who advise on the type and extent of the cancer.

The team may also include other healthcare professionals, such as a:

  • physiotherapist
  • counsellor
  • psychologist
  • social worker
  • dietitian.

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