My Possible Self

My Possible Self is an app that teaches people coping techniques to help reduce anxiety, stress and low mood.

What is My Possible Self?

My Possible Self is an app that teaches people coping techniques to help reduce anxiety, stress and low mood. The aim is to make people feel happier and more able to deal with the challenges they face.

My Possible Self features information to help people learn how to improve their thoughts, feelings and behaviour using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques. It has been designed to reduce stress, anxious feelings and low mood within eight weeks.

It is not a cancer-specific service, but people living with cancer may benefit from using it.

This app is approved by the NHS and features in the NHS Apps Library.

How does the My Possible Self app work?

The app features 10 interactive self-help modules which help people learn the skills they need to manage feelings of stress, anxiety and low mood. Topics include managing fear and anxiety, taking charge of your worry, and managing loss and major life changes.

A mood tracker helps people to track how they are feeling each day, as well as add notes and photos. The mood tracker highlights the activities, places and people which have influenced a person’s mood, so they can focus more on things which make them feel better, and less on the things which do not.

How can I get My Possible Self?

My Possible Self is available from:

It is suitable for anyone aged 18 or over who is experiencing stress and anxiety.

The app is currently free during the coronavirus pandemic. When this offer ends it will continue to be free to access the basic service, and £5.99 a month or £59.99 a year to access the full service.



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