Macmillan Grants

Macmillan Grants are means-tested payments to help with the extra costs that living with cancer can bring. Find out how to apply.

What Macmillan Grants are for

Who can apply

How to apply

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Apply by phone

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Apply by contacting your healthcare team

Next steps


Information for healthcare professionals

Stories of how Macmillan grants have helped

Last year we gave out over £19 million in Macmillan Grants to more than 48,500 people across the UK. Here are some stories of what they were used for:

A person reading a book in a Macmillan Support Centre.
Laura, diagnosed with breast cancer
Close up of someone filling in a Macmillan Grant application form
Linda, diagnosed with breast and kidney cancer

Other grants and financial help

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How we can help

Financial guidance
Financial issues can cause worry when someone becomes ill. You may be able to claim benefits to help you in your situation. You may also be able to get financial assistance from other organisations.
Energy Advice
Our Advisors can check if you’re entitled to any additional support through charitable grants – no matter who supplies your gas, electricity and water.