Surgery explained

If your melanoma comes back at the original site or very close to it, you may be able to have surgery to remove it. This is called a local excision.

  • Recurrent melanoma

    What is surgery and what is it used for?

    Surgery is the main treatment for a melanoma that comes back in the same area.

  • General information

    What happens before the surgery?

    Your surgery will be carefully planned to make sure you are well cared for.

  • General information

    Who might I meet?

    A team of specialists will plan your surgery. This will include a surgeon who specialises in your type of cancer.

  • General information

    What happens after surgery?

    You’ll be monitored very closely after your operation. You will be very tired so it’s important to rest and look after yourself.

  • General information

    Follow-up care after surgery

    You will have follow-up appointments after your surgery to check on your recovery and any new symptoms.