Bone mass chart – image description

This infographic shows a graph of bone mass at different ages. The upright axis on the left side is labelled bone mass. The level axis across the bottom is labelled age in years. It is marked from 0 years to 80 years in regular 10-year intervals going from left to right. There are two lines on the graph. One line shows bone mass changes over time in women, and the other shows bone mass changes over time in men. The picture shows that bone mass is greater in males than in females at all ages. This difference is slight in boys and girls but the gap between the lines increases in the teens as the line for men slopes upwards more steeply. By the age of 20, the line for men is clearly higher than for women and remains this way for the rest of the graph. The lines show bone mass increasing from birth until the late 20s. There is a label attached to both lines at this highest point, which says peak bone mass. The lines then begin to slope down gently, showing a gradual decrease in bone mass. This gradual decline continues for men until the 80-year mark. But at the 50-year mark for women, the line begins to slope down much more steeply. This point on the women’s line is labelled menopause. The line for women then continues to slope down less steeply from the age of 60 onwards.