Activities near you

There are many ways to find out which activities are available near you. Visit for more information and useful links.

Finding activities near you

There are lots of organisations and websites that can help you find out which activities are available near you:

  • Contact your local council. Look on the website or call to find out which activities are provided in parks and leisure centres.
  • Ask your GP if they can refer you to any specialist services. This might be an exercise referral scheme, falls prevention (if you are worried about falling) or physiotherapy (for example if you have had surgery and have problems with range of movement).
  • If you would like to exercise with other people with cancer, search for Move More and other health groups in your local area.
  • On the Be Inspired website, you can find information about sport and fitness venues, clubs and activities across the UK.
  • There is a national search tool for England on the NHS website. Choose ‘sports and fitness services’ and enter your postcode. The website also has suggested exercise videos and podcasts.
  • In Scotland, you can visit sportscotland to search for activities near you.
  • In Wales, you can visit Sport Wales to search for activities near you.
  • In Northern Ireland, you can visit Sport NI to search for activities near you.

Walking groups

Walking groups are an enjoyable, social way to become active. There are free, guided health walks across the UK. We have more information about health walks and how to search for your nearest group.

Mobility and disability organisations

There are specific organisations that can help if you have mobility problems or a disability:

Disability Sports Northern Ireland

Disability Sport Wales

English Federation of Disability Sports

emptyScottish Disability Sport



emptyOur Move More guide has lots of information on keeping active, including a booklet, activity chart and DVD to help you get started. Order one online or by calling 0808 808 00 00.

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Health walks

Walking is one of the most popular forms of activity and a great way to keep active. Health walk programmes are available across the UK.

Tips for getting started

It is important to take care of yourself when you start to be more active. Your healthcare team can give you advice.

Tools to help you move more

Taking part in physical activity during and after cancer treatment can play a huge part in enabling you to take back control. We have a range of tools to help you be more active.

Apps to help you

There are a number of digital applications that can help you on your journey to becoming more active.