Macmillan's Wellbeing Hub

Welcome to the Macmillan Wellbeing Hub, a dedicated page with expert self-care advice if you have cancer or are supporting someone who does. Whether it’s mind, body or relationship advice, you can trust us to help you find what you need to start feeling confident, comfortable and in control. Have a browse through and start taking steps to finding your way to better wellbeing.

Eating well and staying active

Find out about the benefits of healthy eating and how to keep active before, during and after cancer treatment.
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Getting started

Many people find that making the decision to eat healthily and become more active helps give back a sense of control. Take the first steps to better wellbeing today.

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Diet and nutrition

A balanced diet will give you enough nutrients to be healthier. Find information on making changes, finding foods that you like and menu ideas.

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Physical activity

Staying or becoming physically active is safe and can support your physical and mental health. Find out how much is recommended and what’s right for you.

Body and self-care

Understand how changes to your body can affect you emotionally and learn how to cope with the changes that cancer or treatment can bring, along with practical tips for managing those changes and where to get advice.

Rest and mental wellbeing

Cancer and treatment stirs up lots of different emotions and there is no right or wrong way to feel. Get tips and information on coping with how you feel, ensuring you get enough rest, and using complementary therapies to support your physical and mental health.

Sex and relationships

Find information about managing changes to your relationships with your loved ones, your sexual wellbeing and coping with the impacts of some cancer treatment on fertility.
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You may experience changes to your relationships with friends, family, or your partner. Find tips for communicating with loved ones and ways to get support.

Sexual wellbeing

Your sexual wellbeing may be affected physically, emotionally, or practically. Find information on coping with your feelings about cancer and sex, and tips for how to talk about it.


Some treatments can affect your fertility. We have information and answers to some common questions and details about where to get support with fertility decisions.

We need to talk about sex and cancer 

We want to help encourage and support more people to feel confident to have open conversations about sex and cancer. Read unique stories from people on how their cancer diagnosis impacted their sexual wellbeing, get information and support, and find out how you can talk to someone about sex and cancer.

Wellbeing blogs

Read more about ways to care for your wellbeing from our series of blogs.

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