A close call, a second chance. Krista's cancer story

Published: 11 January 2024

When Krista was diagnosed with cancer, her whole belief in herself as a healthy person who could do it all was shattered.

Meet Krista

Woman sitting on bench wearing cream jumper smiling away from camera.
"Ironically, I had it all together – until I didn’t. I was a trained health coach, and was everyone else’s health guru. I was fit and healthy, and I taught yoga. I would do adventure racing and multisport races."

All that changed when she was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer. Krista says her whole persona was based on health and wellbeing, and she became ashamed of who she was as a really sick person. What’s more, her partner left her and her treatment meant that her long-held dream of having children ended too. Thankfully, Krista found support from Macmillan and was able to focus on her wellbeing again. 

"I walked into the Macmillan centre having just been diagnosed with cancer and just had no idea what the hell was happening to my life. It was falling apart, and I was terrified. They were just so lovely and were like, ‘We’ve got this'."


They were like 'We've got this'

What’s changed for Krista


Krista is now in remission but is finding different ways to look after her wellbeing. Music has made life feel worthwhile, and remains the way she takes pleasure in life. When she needs to laugh or feel uplifted, she listens to music. She puts on music in her car and sings loudly. In her own words, she says she listens to ‘the powerful ‘yeah I can do this’ songs. It helps get my energy going and those endorphins moving as much as possible.’ She now has singing lessons to make her feel good and following her dream to become an actor. 

"So, what am I going to do with my life now? One of my clients said: It’s Krista 2.0! A newer version!"

"How can I still create the purposes I had, but looking at it in a different way? I’ve had a really close call and been given a second chance. Krista 2.0 is there to inspire people to get through. Out of everything, I will dedicate my life to that."

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"It’s Krista 2.0! A newer version!"