Prehabilitation and rehabilitation webinar series

If you work in or are interested in prehabilitation and rehabilitation, join or watch our webinar series where you can hear from expert speakers about related topics.

About the webinars

The prehabilitation and rehabilitation webinars are brought to you by Macmillan's Centre of Clinical Expertise in collaboration with the Centre for Perioperative Care and the Wessex Cancer Alliance.

The aim of these events is to bring people together with a special interest in prehabilitation and rehabilitation to:

  • share best practice
  • showcase examples of services from across UK
  • share the latest research and policy developments and
  • generate discussion and debate.

How to join future sessions

The webinars will be hosted on the last Tuesday of every month at 13:00 to 14:00. To join future sessions please email and we will add you to the mailing list. For anyone not able to join on the day, recordings of the sessions will be shared here at the beginning of the following month.

Other ways to get involved

We host an online special interest group (SIG) as part of the Health Foundation's Q Community. To join the Prehabilitation Special Interest Group you can sign up as a guest to explore the platform or apply to become a Q member.

The SIG aims to bring together a range of healthcare professionals from various specialties within the health service to exchange expertise, knowledge, and experience of working in prehabilitation services.

Booklets and resources

Webinar episodes

Episode 36 – The PARITY Study - An Update


25th June 2024 | 51 minutes and 5 seconds

Prehabilitation has much to offer people who are preparing for cancer surgery, but there are wide differences in how it is implemented across the UK, and because engaging in prehabilitation requires time, effort and sometimes money, it may benefit some people more than others. The PARITY study seeks to better understand how prehabilitation for cancer surgery interacts with health inequalities. In this webinar, Cliff Shelton, Chief Investigator of the study, will provide an update on what PARITY has found out so far, and the plans for the final stage of the project.

Episode 35 – Reducing Inequitable Delays for Patients with Learning Disability


28 May 2024 | 42 minutes and 7 seconds

In this webinar, we are joined by Adrienne Lee, NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow and Anaesthetist in Training. Adrienne discusses her project which aims to address the underlying differential access issues for patients with learning disability while waiting for medical or surgical procedures and support them whilst on the waiting list.

Read the PDF slides of this episode about reducing inequitable delays for patients with learning disability

Episode 34 - Prehabilitation in Primary Care and the English Cancer Alliance Planning Guidance 2024

30 April 2024 | 53 minutes

In this webinar, we are joined by Anthony Cunliffe, Macmillan’s Lead Medical Adviser and GP and Samantha Tordesillas, Programme Manager for Personalised Care, South East London Cancer Alliance.

Anthony discusses the vital role that Primary Care can play in prehabilitation and Sam discusses the new planning guidance for English Cancer Alliances that relates to prehabilitation and work her alliance has been doing around it.

Read the PDF slides of this episode about prehabiltation in primary care.

Webinar archive episodes 1-33

The prehabilitation and rehabilitation webinar series began as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, facilitated and organised by Fran Williams and the Wessex Cancer Alliance. You can watch all of these episodes on the Wessex Cancer Alliance website.