Prehabilitation videos for people living with cancer

Published: 06 February 2024

Macmillan have collaborated with Bristol Myers Squibb and people living with cancer to produce six videos about prehabilitation. Prehabilitation helps people living with cancer prepare themselves for treatment. It can include areas like physical activity, healthy eating, mental health, reducing alcohol intake and stopping smoking.


Research has shown prehabilitation can benefit health and emotional wellbeing, improving fitness, reducing side effects of treatment and lowering anxiety.


What is prehabilitation?


Starting treatment for cancer can feel overwhelming, and you may feel you have little control over what is happening. But there are things you can do before you start treatment. These can include making small changes to your life to help get ready for cancer treatment. This is called prehabilitation, or prehab. Find out more about prehabilitation in the video below.



Physical activity


Physical activity and exercise are an important part of prehabilitation. Staying active can help you take some control of your journey with cancer. For most people with cancer, some extra activity, including housework, gardening and walking to the shop, can be a good thing. Find out more about physical activity in the video below.



Eating Well


Healthy eating and eating well before, during and after cancer treatment can make a difference to how you feel over time. We have more information about healthy eating and cancer. Find out how small changes to your diet can make a difference in the video below.



Mental wellbeing


Looking after your mental health can help you when you are living with cancer. Find out more about different types of emotional support available to you in the video below.



Alcohol moderation


Drinking alcohol in moderation is recommended for a healthy lifestyle. Cutting down on alcohol can also help in preparation for cancer treatment. Find out more about alcohol moderation in the video below.



Stopping smoking


Stopping smoking be an important part of prehabilitation. If you have cancer, it is recommended that you try to give up smoking. Taking steps such as cutting down or giving up smoking can help you with your overall health. Find out more about stopping smoking in the video below.